The Racers participate in the Wacky Winter Games and compete in the luge, ski-jump, slalom, and snowboarding events. The games culminate in a final competition where Dastardly and Muttley do a very disturbing ice-skating dance.

The Racers participate in the Wacky Winter Games and compete in the luge, ski-jump, slalom, and snowboarding events. The games culminate in a final competition where Dastardly and Muttley do a dance.

Racers try to race across the idyllic Tuscan countryside, where they discover that too much hospitality isn't always a good thing.

The Wackies, joined by guest racer Pandora Pitstop, race customized watercrafts through the Louisiana Swamps.

The residents of Easter Island celebrate an ancient festival with a Wacky Race. The Racers end up rousing a giant alien menace that awakens the slumbering Easter Island statues bent on conquering the world, unless Muttley can stop them.

Medieval Camelot has never been so exciting, or so wacky!

Peter and Dastardly are caught in the explosion of I.Q.'s latest invention. Peter loses his "mojo" but Dastardly has absorbed Peter's perfection and refuses to give it up.

On vacation, the Racers competitive attitudes overwhelm each other and they end up destroying the Grand Canyon.

Our racers take the roles of ancient Roman chariot racers during the very wacky version of the Roman Games.

The Racers race through the American Deep South until they run afoul of Dastardly's cousin, Sheriff Longarm D. Lawe. Captured by speed traps, the Racers are sentenced to 847 years in jail and must find a way to escape and finish the race.

Penelope, Peter, Tiny and Bella take the roles of the Three Musketeers in a wacky and action packed version of The Man in the Iron Mask.

Shrunk to microscopic size the Racers are accidentally injected by Dastardly and must race through his circulatory system to find a way out before they enlarge inside him.

Racers have always been curious about the mysterious Doombuggy, in which the Gruesome Twosome apparently live in the trunk. The Racers sneak inside and are trapped in a gigantic Halloween wonderland and pursued by various familiar monsters.

A thousand years in the future, the Wacky Races are alive and well, and even wackier!

Peter and his friends race back to Peter's hometown of Perfectville and find it wasn't so perfect after all.

A trip back in time reveals the very first Wacky Race.

With the help of a very unusual spiritual adviser, the Racers find themselves racing through their collective unconscious dream world encountering their fondest fantasies, or in the case of Dastardly, a deeply screwed up mess of a psyche.

Before a race to the South Pole, Peter challenges Dastardly to win just one race fair and square.

During a Wacky Races Christmas party, Dastardly triggers his latest tricks and finds himself in Heaven reviewing his past misdeeds with a familiar angel named Melvin.

Dastardly's Bavarian cousin Desdemona captures the Racers during a competition over the Alps and locks them in her pretzel mines. Are our racers doomed to dig salty snacks forever or can Penelope save the boys from a high carb fate?

During a race to the North Pole, the racers accidentally run over Santa Claus and now must take his place to save Christmas.

The Racers are turned into babies and Dastardly is stuck as their babysitter. Babies or not, the need for speed is an undeniable urge, much to Dastardly's regret.

Dastardly is banned by race owner P.T. Barnstorm from racing for habitual and dangerous cheating. Dastardly is forced to go to an employment agency and take a number of other jobs, all of which he is comically unsuited for.

Pandora switches places with her twin sister Penny in order to steal a prize for good sportsmanship and fair play.

P.T. Barnstorm's latest money making race event sends the racers off to race on Mars against an evil space tyrant with Earth as the prize.

As the race continues through the center of the earth to the Land That Time Forgot, the Racers are attacked by dinosaurs but are rescued at the last second by a tribe of Mole People.

An experimental time machine gives Dastardly the ability to rewind time 30 seconds at a time. But what good is time travel if you are the one Racer who refuses to learn from his mistakes?

As the Racers zoom through the blue grass hills of Kentucky, another one of I.Q.'s inventions begins randomly exchanging the Racer's personalities.

At an annual race where their mothers accompany each of the Racers, their maternal relationship is painfully explored until the moms get caught up in the race and leave our Racers in the dust.

I.Q. has been secretly working on a time machine to make time and the Racers cars go faster. It backfires and brings future versions of our Racers back to advise their younger selves.

Tiny receives an invitation to speak at his old high school. Tiny doesn't want to go because he won't fit in well at Miss Prissy Prisswell's Finishing School for Young Ladies, Gentlemen and Others.

A raucous race across the Emerald Isle runs afoul of a clan of Leprechauns determined to protect their Pot O' Gold.

The future is not what it used to be. As the crew of Wacky One find out when the Evil Lord Dastarius challenges them to a race for the Heart of the Galaxy.

Peter is kidnapped during a race and the team swings into wacky action to save him.

In order to win more races, Dastardly creates evil clone versions of the other Racers. Unfortunately, they all have his personality.

In the far future, space ranger Peter Perfect entrusts the secret location to the galaxy's greatest weapon to racer, Penelope Spacestop.

A Bollywood musical romp through the old Indian city.

A western themed race ends up to be more than our Racers bargained for.

Under pressure from his father to finally win at least one race, Dastardly pulls out all the stops with a barrage of tricks and traps.

To celebrate their 40th race, the races attempt their shortest easiest race yet. Surely nothing could keep them from actually finishing this race. Could it?

The Racers meet up with guest star Hong Kong Phooey during a thrilling adventure in China.