Ozma's potion-of-the-month club package arrives and Ozma can't wait to try it! Unfortunately, Dorothy doesn't read the instructions before she spritzes Ozma with the Perfume of Petrification. Ozma instantly becomes a statue and the only way to change her back is with the special antidote. Dorothy and friends set out to get the ingredients, the last of which is three hairs from a Woozy - an angry, ferocious beast!

Ozma's potion of the month club package arrives and Ozma can't wait to try it! Unfortunately, Dorothy doesn't read the instructions before she spritz Ozma with the Perfume of Petrification.

When Wilhelmina steals the Magical Mandolin, Dorothy and her friends have to get it back or Wilhelmina will use the Mandolin to put Dorothy in a trance and steal her Ruby Slippers!

Wilhelmina wants a pet and what better pet than Dorothy's! While Dorothy is busy, the Monkeys snatch Toto and take him to Wilhelmina, who enchants his collar. Can Dorothy rescue Toto and prove love is stronger than magic?

Dorothy must pass the Oziam Exam to be able to stay in Oz but first she has to save Munchkinland from a terrible dragon who has taken refuge on the Sapphire City. Can Dorothy save the city and study?

The Munchkins are throwing a country fair in honor of Dorothy. While Dorothy enjoys the pleasures of the fair, Wilhelmina finds a magical locket that allows her to look exactly like whoever's picture she keeps in it including Dorothy.

Ozma wants to whip up a snack but has never baked. Dorothy shows her how to make cookies but Dorothy grabs the Potion of Life instead of the vanilla and pours it into the mixing bowl. The hand-mixer magically spins to life.

Dorothy and the gang need to take Ojo the Unlucky to the Land of Ev to reverse his curse. As soon as they start their journey, they find out how Ojo the Unlucky earned his name, they are plagued with the worst bad luck they've ever seen!

The Lion has the honor being named King of the Forest now that he has his medal of courage. Will his trek out to the forest over water, darkness and spiders be too much for this big scaredy cat? Or will he learn the real meaning of courage?

It's Valentine's Day and Dorothy wants to teach the Ozians all about this tradition. Ozma gives her new BFF the perfect Valentine's present, a love magnet. However, the magnet magically makes everyone fall in love with Dorothy.!

"The Scarecrow has lost his smarts. He just stammers and stumbles around the scrappy dressmaker Patchwork Girl. Wilhelmina thinks Patchwork Girl must be a witch and traps her to find the secret of stealing brainpower.

Ozma and Dorothy say something at the same time. Dorothy calls out jinx. Dorothy and Ozma lose their voices since in Oz saying jinx sticks. They must travel the land of Jibber Jab and meet the Yakity Yaks for the antidote.

Dorothy finds the Magic Magnifying Glass and the Nome King tricks her into using it on him. But once he's big enough, the Nome King swipes the Magnifying Glass and makes himself a giant, who can take over Oz.

Dorothy and her friends find a one-winged monkey, who has run away from home. Dorothy feels sorry for the monkey and is determined to get him his second wing so she asks for Ozma's help.

 There's a storm headed for Emerald City and the only thing that can protect them from it is one of Glinda's protective bubbles. Glinda the Good Witch's wand is missing! Dorothy takes a break from teaching to help Glinda find her wand.

Wilhelmina is mad she's been left out of a slumber party and tries to ruin it by creating a giant Pillow Monster. But the Pillow Monster attacks the party, and rampages toward Wilhelmina's castle!

It's the day for Lion's King of the Forest speech but he feels under the weather. In Oz, when you catch a bug, you catch a literal bug. This little guy makes himself at home, snuggling in behind your ear.

Dorothy and her friends find Tik Tok broken down by the side of the road. They help him get repaired. Tik Tok admires Tin Man, thinking he's a great hero. He wants to be just like Tin Man but Tik Tok's voice mechanism isn't working.

Ozma created a corn maze with a treasure at the center. Scarecrow thinks being super strong will impress the Patchwork Girl so he gets a magical Get Strong Quick shirt that makes him a beefy hunk but at the price of his smarts.

It's Musical Monday and the Beast Royales are going to perform. The Beast Royales are the most popular band in Oz and fans follow them everywhere they go. Wilhelmina is their number one fan, so she sends Frank and Lyman to kidnap them.

When Wilhelmina's plan to get the ruby slippers goes awry, she uses a magic hourglass to go back in time and do it over again. But the more she goes back in time, the more she messes up the plan for herself!

Lion adopts a kitten and names it Eureka but it wreaks havoc on the castle. Dorothy realizes Eureka isn't an orphan, she's lost. When Dorothy and friends return Eureka to her family, they find Purrville is being terrorized by a Rak!

Wilhelmina sends her Monkeys to steal the Great Book of Ozian Records so she can erase Dorothy from Oz history! But Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion are castle sitting, and the Monkeys are in for a fight.

Dorothy presents Ozma with a magical Best Friends necklace she found. Ozma is thrilled and puts it on immediately. But what they didn't realize is the second you put on the necklaces, you're literally connected at the hip!

It's Family Day in Oz but Woozy doesn't have a family. Dorothy and friends help Woozy find his family. When their attempts go awry, Woozy bursts into tears. All his tears create a raging river that's sweeping through Oz.

Dorothy and friends are looking for a replacement emerald for Ozma's magic wand when they are captured by ZOG, a sea monster, and taken to his under water kingdom.

It's Cookie Eating Day and Dorothy must whip up enough cookies for all of Oz. Dorothy uses a magical baking pan. But in addition to multiplying the cookies, it also brings them to life.

Wilhelmina steals Ozma's copy cat and makes clones of herself to storm the Emerald Castle demanding the ruby slippers. For Dorothy to combat all the Wilhelminas, she makes a fake pair of ruby slippers and lures them to the Truth Fountain.

When Queen Ozma shakes her magic snow globe, a snow cloud descends on Oz and for the first time it snows. The Ozians love the snow until it gets colder and shows no sign of letting up. Dorothy and friends must find a way to end the winter.

Wilhelmina steals Queen Ozma's magic mirror and becomes so infatuated with her own reflection she gives up on her other hobbies. The more she looks in the mirror, the bigger her reflection grows.

It's the Poppin' Poppies Parade and Dorothy needs poppies to cover her float. But the poppy field has been picked dry, save for one poppy. Dorothy uses a plant grow potion on the poppy but this is the last of the Wicked Witch's sleeping poppies!

Ozma is helping Dorothy get ready for the Oz Royal Ball. Dorothy's worried about remembering all the protocols for meeting the royals but Patchwork Girl can make a magic dress that will take care of the protocol for her.

When Ozma is practicing magic and can't remember the magic word, Dorothy yells Abracadabra. In Oz, that magic word actually takes magic away. It lasts one day. Too bad today is the magic contest where wizards and witches come for a competition.

Dorothy teaches her friends about Halloween and Wilhelmina thinks this sounds like the perfect holiday. Wilhelmina is going to hijack Halloween! She creates Jack Pumpkinhead to help her play a trick on Dorothy.

It's Halloween night and Dorothy and crew are trick or treating when they come to the end of the Yellow Brick Road. Dorothy convinces them to follow the Red Brick Road instead. Their journey leads to a haunted house.

Bricks are disappearing from the Yellow Brick Road. When Dorothy and her friends follow the wheel prints back to the Wheelers hideout, they find Rustle has been stealing the bricks to cover up the fact his back wheel is broken.

Glinda the Good's twin sister plans to displace Glinda as the most loved witch in Oz. Melinda thinks being good can't be hard. When each of Melinda's good deeds shows her true colors, Dorothy and the gang figure out there is an imposter.

Wilhelmina finds a magical mood ring, which she uses to control Dorothy's mood. Wilhelmina might get those ruby slippers if Dorothy doesn't figure out she can overcome the powers of the ring by acting better than she feels.

Wilhelmina uses a spell to get one of Dorothy's ruby slippers. When she tries to use the slipper, she's whisked away to Under the Rainbow. Dorothy and friends must follow Wilhelmina and reclaim the ruby slipper.

When Nome King kidnaps Professor Wogglebug, T.E., Dorothy and friends must rescue him. They find Nome King has tricked Wogglebug into coming up with the perfect plan to take over Oz. Now, they have to out think the genius to foil the plan.

Wilhelmina's Imps make it look like Dorothy is pranking everyone in Oz and the Munchkins put Dorothy in a candy prison. But Dorothy has to escape and stop the Hip-po-gy-raf from terrorising the city!