Dorothy and the gang are shocked to discover the Wicked Witch of the West is still alive, but trapped in her crystal ball. Meanwhile, the Wizard makes a dubious return to Oz.

Dorothy and the gang are shocked to discover the Wicked Witch of the West is still alive, but trapped in her crystal ball. Meanwhile, the Wizard makes a dubious return to Oz.

When the Wizard discovers the Wicked Witch is still alive, he pays her a visit to strike an unsettling deal that will spell trouble for Dorothy and the gang.

Dorothy and her friends are sucked into the Wicked Witch's crystal ball, where they will spend eternity unless Dorothy makes a tough decision and a sacrifice.

Having found a way of out the Wicked Witch's crystal ball, Dorothy and the gang discover the Wicked Witch escaped as well, and is inhabiting the body of the Wizard.

When Lion, Scarecrow, and Tin Man wind up with a baby Woggle-Bug in their care, their parenting skills are put to the test, as is their friendship.

Dorothy inadvertently places an enchanted bell on Toto's collar. When it rings three times he's transformed into the legendary creature "Ozsquatch." Our heroes go searching for Ozsquatch without realizing it's, Toto, transformed.

When Scarecrow's pride stops him from admitting that he doesn't know how to build a Yellow Brick Bridge, he creates a dangerous overpass. Dorothy and the gang teach him that "it's okay to not know" some things and rebuild a safer bridge.

When Dorothy is captured by General Jinjur to be the "secret weapon" for her all female army, Dorothy's friends search for her and find an unlikely ally in Wilhelmina.

When Wilhelmina's Broom goes missing, she's on a hunt to find out whoever stole it. But after finding out that Broom ran away, Wilhelmina learns that she needs to be nicer to those around her.

Tired of being bullied, Dorothy and the gang challenge the Wheelers to a race -- the winner of which becomes legal owner of the Yellow Brick Road.

While Dorothy and her friends are off exploring the road less traveled, the Nome King magically transports Queen Ozma and her Emerald Castle to his underground kingdom, so he can rule over it.

Lion's regular rounds as King of the Forest are thrown out of whack when he meets Devin, a boy who says he's a giant Munchkin.

Scarecrow leaves his friends to go to college to up his smarts. With the smartest member gone, the Wicked Witch "infiltrates" the gang as Fake Scarecrow to steal Dorothy's Ruby Slippers.

When Mitch, another resident of Kansas turns up, Dorothy can't wait to show him all the wonders of Oz! But Oz might not be the right place for this stick in the mud.

When Tin Man falls in with the dangerous Wheelers, Dorothy and the guys have to save him before he attempts to jump across Emerald Gorge.

The Wizard creates a device so Dorothy will never be homesick. However, when it goes awry and starts replacing things from Oz with things from Kansas, Dorothy is told in order to separate the two worlds, she will have to leave Oz forever!

When Ozma goes on a trip, she leaves Dorothy and her friends to look after the castle. The Wicked Witch sees an opportunity to get a hold of Ozma's most powerful magic and attempts to get the Wizard to help her break into the magical vault.

Now that the Wicked Witch has lost her witch powers, she must turn to Wilhelmina in hopes that her niece can help her get her evil magic groove back. Meanwhile, Dorothy and the gang help the Wizard get a handle on his magic powers.

After failing Wilhelmina for the last time, Frank and Lyman are stripped of their wings and replaced. Meanwhile, their wings attach themselves to Lion and Scarecrow. Dorothy has to make things right or Frank and Lyman are. Wingmen No More.

Dorothy uses some Kansas know how to corral a dangerous mob of creatures known as Hammerheads before they can destroy Emerald City's new museum.

The Wicked Witch gives Ozma's unfunny Jester a laughing charm, which leaves Dorothy and crew helpless with hysterics.

When the Sisterhood of the Witch discovers the Wicked Witch has lost her powers, a rival witch takes over her castle and now the Wicked Witch must recruit the Wizard to help regain control of the castle.

When Wilhelmina temporarily loses her powers, she has Frank and Lyman go undercover to try and get Dorothy's ruby slippers, but the monkeys find out that it's easy to get in too deep.

When the Wizard invents a magical device called the Predictalizer that can predict with one hundred percent accuracy the day of every single citizen of Oz, Dorothy thinks things have become a little too predictable.

After the Wicked Witch tricks the Wizard into sharing his powers for an Oztember celebration, Dorothy and her friends must stop her from making the change permanent.

When legendary knight Sir Hokus arrives in Oz, Dorothy tries to help him find an adventure. However, Sir Hokus is a bit "past his prime," and Dorothy quickly finds herself trying to save both Oz and Sir Hokus from a rampaging, angry Woozy.

Wilhelmina casts a "Say Yes" spell on the Wicked Witch for her attitude. Her auntie starts to try things she would never have agreed to before. When the Wicked Witch changes to be upbeat, Wilhelmina must figure out how to reverse the spell.

When the Tin Man is captured by a group of nefarious creatures called Scoodlers, the gang must come up with an ingenious plan to save him, and themselves.

A gardening project goes awry when the Wizard's spell causes the plants to come to life and attack the gang.

The Witch Hunter has come to town after his ultimate prize, the Wicked Witch of the West. Dorothy and friends are declared to be witches. Will the true witches be revealed to the dimwitted Witch Hunter in time?

When a Tin Giant (huge robot) controlled by the Wicked Witch threatens the Wizard, and then short circuits and goes out of control, Tik Tok teams with Tin Man, Dorothy, Toto, Lion, and Scarecrow to try to save the day.

After solving a mystery for the munchkins, and feeding off of her love of hard-boiled detective movies from when her Uncle Henry used to take her into the city, Dorothy fancies herself a private eye.

When Dorothy and the gang find out Lion is in the Kingdom of Dreams and might never return, they go to rescue him.

Dorothy and her pals must keep a powerful magical relic, the Helmet of Ozmosis, from falling into possession of the Wicked Witch or the Wizard.

Dorothy and her friends must free Lion from the control of a power-hungry crown that has declared itself King of the Forest.

When Dorothy opens a Munchkin Elementary school, Frank and Lyman, tired of being treated like "banana brains," try to sneak in. Meanwhile, Scarecrow gets a big surprise when he discovers a "mini-him" in Munchkin class.

The gang sets out to catch a destructive mouse that's loose in the castle, but their solution - Bungle the Glass Cat - might be even worse than the problem.

Marie, the Queen of the Field Mice, falls madly in love with the Cowardly Lion. But her ardent pursuit drives him into a trap set by the Wicked Witch!

Dorothy and friends must find a way through the Wicked Witch's giant blockade in order to make an important delivery to the Emerald City.

At the annual Broomstorming Sweepstakes, the Wicked Witch and Mean Jeanne the Green will finally settle the score of their 500-year rivalry in the ultimate match-up. But how will the Wicked Witch compete without her powers?

When the Undertaker's realm is cluttered with malfunctioning magic from the Wizard, he blames the Wizard, Dorothy and the gang and takes them as his prisoners. It's up to Dorothy and her friends to help the Wizard break them out.

After Wilhelmina transfers Hungry Tiger's appetite to Lyman so he can win a pie-eating contest, Lyman becomes a voracious, uncontrollable eating machine.

When Polychrome falls off the Rainbow and straight into Tin Man's arms, the gang must come up with a plan to get her back home.

When the Wicked Witch uses a new wand to suck her magic out of the Wizard, the magic morphs into a Magical Mist Monster and runs off. Now, the race is on.

Ojo thinks his luck has finally changed when he finds a treasure map that he hopes will lead him to riches, fame and fortune.

Tired of being treated as a "seedy character" by the people of Oz, Jack Pumpkinhead has the Wizard turn his head into something a little more fun: a pineapple. Jack loves the new look and even gets a girl in the process.

Dorothy introduces Oz to Christmas and of course Oz adds a few traditions of it's own. Santa comes to deliver holiday cheer and presents to all. The Wicked Witch has kidnapped Santa in an attempt to steal his magic.

The Wicked Witch has kidnapped Santa in an attempt to steal his magic. Can Dorothy and her friends save Santa in time for him to save Christmas in Oz?

Woozy has been led astray and lost. His doppelganger is a Nome King powered Trojan Horse. Who would have thought Ozma would love him just the same?

The Wicked Witch hears wedding bells and the Wizard is for whom they toll.

While the rest of Emerald City sleeps soundly, Toto takes a rescue mission into his own paws!

It's swashbuckling adventure on the high skies. Boy pirate Cap'n Bill's crew has been kidnapped by the Boolooroo, so he looks to Dorothy and friends to join him on the rescue adventure of a lifetime!