Gil finds Flint's most prized possession: Einstein's moustache. When he starts wearing it, Shelbourne takes him for a fellow principal, and they bond. Meanwhile, Flint does everything he can to get his moustache back.

Gil finds Flint's most prized possession: Einstein's moustache. When he starts wearing it, Shelbourne takes him for a fellow principal, and they bond.

When Flint's inventing makes the power bill skyrocket, Tim takes the Lockwood house off the grid.

Flint helps Brent with his science project, inadvertently inventing a cool new element in the process-for which Brent takes all the credit.

Sam receives a pet penguin from her Pet of the Month Club, unaware of Swallow Falls' long and terrible history with the aquatic bird.

Mayor Shelbourne suffers a crisis of leadership when Flint beats his high score on the arcade's most difficult game.

When Flint totals Tim's boat, he uses a ray to make his dad forget about the crash-and ends up erasing all of Tim's memories of Flint as his son. 

Flint invents a machine to bring Sam's imaginary friend, Patootie, into the real world, but Patootie's possessiveness is more than Flint can handle.

Flint realizes that all of the world's great inventors have large hands, so he invents a way to supersize his own mitts.

During Swallow Falls' annual Brent Hog Day festivities, Sam sets out to reveal that the beloved celebration is a scam.

When Flint creates an invention to make Earl believe his son, Cal, can talk, Earl goes overboard showing off his genius baby.

When Mayor Shelbourne incorrectly believes Flint's invention has made him invisible, he lives out his dream and goes on a tear through the town.

Desperate to make science interesting to his peers, Flint creates the superhero alter ego "Major Science."

While trying out an invention to help his dad learn to swim, Flint accidentally turns Tim into a fish.

When Shelbourne confiscates Flint's beloved new invention, Sam organizes a heist to get it back.

When Flint's new invention gives Gil some much-needed confidence, the mayor demands a moxy-boost of his own.

Sam tries to help a new student settle into Swallow Falls, only to discover the townspeople are much nicer to the new girl than they ever were to her

When Sam decides she wants a cool nickname, she and Flint struggle to jump through the hoops required to earn it.

Brent offers to rid Flint's lab of a squirrel infestation, but his "help" only makes the problem worse.

Flint and Sam enter Brent's dreams to determine the source of Brent's sudden fear of sardines.

Flint suspects that Shelbourne may be a robot, but the mayor does his best to make sure no one in town believes him.

When the Fizzy Fish soda corporation takes over Cannery High, Flint and Sam take their protest right to the top.

Flint revolutionizes transportation in Swallow Falls by harnessing the power of ratbirds.

When Tim brushes off his guitar and revitalizes his classic rock act, Flint attempts to modernize his dad's outdated sound.

Tired of being the butt of the world's jokes, Swallow Falls comes together to try to show how great their island really is.

When Mayor Shelbourne throws out Gil's favorite Poppa Piglet toys, Gil leaves home and moves in with Flint.

Flint dons a worm suit to try and drum up business for his dad's bait shop, drawing the ire of the town's chief mascot, Baby Brent.

Flint tries to make up for missing Sam's birthday, but she's too busy tracking a big news story to notice.

Flint's creation of an AI alter ego backfires when his computerized self starts taking over the real Flint's life.

Flint invents a device to help his father end his fishing dry spell, but the special lure ends up attracting people instead of sardines.

When a local fast food joint starts including Sardinee Babies in their meals, Sam and Flint compete to collect all 37.

Sam pretends to be Flint's new robot, but finds herself in peril as Flint shows off what his latest "invention" can do.

When Flint's day at the beach goes sour, his dad encourages him to adopt a new "Say Yes" attitude.

After destroying the town yet again, Flint does his best to be an ordinary kid.

Flint's new invention transports the user into any TV show they choose, but Brent's abuse of the gadget threatens to trap him in the airwaves forever.

Hector tricks Flint into helping him win a spot on the Shelbourne Walk of Fame, endangering the whole town in the process.

Tired of Shelbourne's greedy taxes, Flint convinces his father to run for mayor.

Sam starts hanging out with a gang of gruff fishermen to get to the bottom of their uncanny ability to predict the weather.

Brent and Flint get stuck up a tree together after one of Brent's jokes goes too far.

Flint, desperate to find out what Sam's giving him for his birthday, invents a device to read her diary out loud.

When Flint discovers his father only sees shades of grey, he sets out to blow Tim's mind with a device that lets him see colour.

Tim discovers a mermaid in the ocean, but skeptical Flint doesn't believe they exist.

Mr. Earl thinks of himself as the healthiest person in Swallow Falls, but he's hiding a delicious, frosting-topped secret. Meanwhile, Flint is experimenting with his newest invention, a holographic projector that can make anyone look like anything.

Gil takes over as principal and, much to his dad's surprise, actually improves the school…until his crush on Sam makes things weird.

Nothing embarrasses Brent…until he tries out Flint's new self-awareness-creating invention and becomes horrified by his boorish ways.

Flint thinks his new series of interactive science exhibits is truly making a difference, but he's actually just created a bunch of carnival rides.

Flint gets jealous when Tim takes Brent (and a growing group of townsfolk) under his fatherly wing.

Townspeople recount their versions of how the island of Swallow Falls came to be.

Flint creates a machine that predicts a person's future occupation, and is surprised by his own result.

Sam discovers that Santa Claus is vacationing in Swallow Falls and drags Flint along to pitch their Christmas ideas to the jolly old elf.

Flint and Sam seek out the help of an old friend to break Santa out of jail.