Tom and Jerry玩轉紐約 第1季
When Tom wins a ring for his girlfriend in a claw machine, Jerry steals it and runs into a department store at closing time. After hours the cat and mouse cause havoc in the empty store until they encounter a couple of burglars - and Spike the guard dog! / In the city park, Jerry protects a clumsy young pigeon from Tom, and helps her get better at flying. / Tom and Jerry fight over the contents of a gumball machine in the lobby, determined to outwit each other in pursuit of the chewy treats! / At the city zoo, Tom finds himself the center of attention babysitting a panda bear cub - but when the tot wanders away, he substitutes Jerry. 更多
20 分鐘
  • E1
    Tom and Jerry玩轉紐約(第1季第1集)

    Tom and Jerry storm a department store after dark, battle for a bag of gumballs, and babysit a troublesome baby panda...

  • E2
    Tom and Jerry玩轉紐約(第1季第2集)

    Jerry helps an elephant escape from the museum. Hi-flying hijinks ensue when Tom and Jerry take kites to the park and...

  • E3
    Tom and Jerry玩轉紐約(第1季第3集)

    In an attempt to trick Tom out of food, Butch predicts the future. Jerry helps save a shoe repair shop.

  • E4
    Tom and Jerry玩轉紐約(第1季第4集)

    Tom and Jerry mistake burglars' loot for a bag of donuts. Tom chases Jerry through a series of surreal billboards, Sp...

  • E5
    Tom and Jerry玩轉紐約(第1季第5集)

    A troop of robot bellhops cause trouble, Tom becomes canine catnip and more.

  • E6
    Tom and Jerry玩轉紐約(第1季第6集)

    A hotel VIP wants Tom groomed and more.

  • E7
    Tom and Jerry玩轉紐約(第1季第7集)

    Spike's teddy bear is accidentally ruined & Tom dreams of a basketball championship.