Tom And Jerry 第1季
5 分鐘
  • E2
    Tom And Jerry(第1季第2集)

    A robot Tom and Jerry make the real battling duo fight each other.

  • E3
    Tom And Jerry(第1季第3集)

    Tom's relentless chase of Jerry even includes pursuing the mouse on the ledge of a tall building.

  • E4
    Tom And Jerry(第1季第4集)

    Jerry tries to outwit Tom by luring him into a series of traps on a skyscraper.

  • E5
    Tom And Jerry(第1季第5集)

    Tom tries to capture Jerry with food traps and mouse scent.

  • E6
    Tom And Jerry(第1季第6集)

    Tom is forced to battle a shabby tabby-cat over possession of Jerry.

  • E7
    Tom And Jerry(第1季第7集)

    Jerry buys a mouse-sized dog to protect him from Tom.

  • E8
    Tom And Jerry(第1季第8集)

    Tom and a feline friend try to attack Jerry's mousehole.

  • E9
    Tom And Jerry(第1季第9集)

    Tom challenges Jerry to an old-fashioned duel for his honour.

  • E10
    Tom And Jerry(第1季第10集)

    Jerry tries to rescue a helpless goldfish from Tom's claws.

  • E11
    Tom And Jerry(第1季第11集)

    A hungry cat goes to a restaurant in search of food. A ghost mouse sees the cat's arrival as an opportunity to get ba...

  • E13
    Tom And Jerry(第1季第13集)

    Jerry disguises himself as a clown when he is chased by Tom.

  • E14
    Tom And Jerry(第1季第14集)

    Tom's girlfriend acts as a surrogate mother for Jerry.

  • E15
    Tom And Jerry(第1季第15集)

    Tom and Jerry visit the cinema to watch their old encounters.

  • E16
    Tom And Jerry(第1季第16集)

    Jerry must infiltrate the mansion of Tom Thrush.

  • E17
    Tom And Jerry(第1季第17集)

    Space cat Tom accidentally sends Jerry onto the moon.

  • E18
    Tom And Jerry(第1季第18集)

    In the year 2565, Tom and Jerry are scientists who blow themselves back in time.

  • E19
    Tom And Jerry(第1季第19集)

    Jerry's sleepwalking causes trouble for Tom.

  • E20
    Tom And Jerry(第1季第20集)

    Jerry and Tom end up using scissors to cut the fur off the other after a magical potion of invisibility is used.

  • E21
    Tom And Jerry(第1季第21集)

    Tom's sleep is disturbed by Jerry and playful puppy dog.

  • E22
    Tom And Jerry(第1季第22集)

    Tom tries to stop Jerry from playing loud music all night long.

  • E25
    Tom And Jerry(第1季第25集)

    Tom and Jerry try to escape the close attentions of a shark while marooned at sea.

  • E26
    Tom And Jerry(第1季第26集)

    Jerry tries to scupper Tom's plans to surf at the beach.

  • E27
    Tom And Jerry(第1季第27集)

    Tom and Jerry at Sea.