Ben 10 ︰外星世界 第1季
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  • E1
    Ben 10 ︰外星世界(第1季第1集)

    Survival is reserved for only the strongest of warriors on Khoros, where Tetramands prove their worth by staving off ...

  • E2
    Ben 10 ︰外星世界(第1季第2集)

    Petropia is a planet as breathtaking and indestructible as its crystalline inhabitants, the Petropians. Occupied by m...

  • E3
    Ben 10 ︰外星世界(第1季第3集)

    At its molten core, Pyros is your typical planet-like star and home to the Pyronites. With rocky exteriors capable of...

  • E4
    Ben 10 ︰外星世界(第1季第4集)

    Kinet, a planet dominated by electrical storms, is home to the lightning quick Kinecelerans! To combat the inclement ...

  • E5
    Ben 10 ︰外星世界(第1季第5集)

    Galvan Prime is home to not only to the galaxy's greatest minds, but a DNA bank of every alien species in the cosmos,...

  • E6
    Ben 10 ︰外星世界(第1季第6集)

    The torrential surface of the water planet Cascareau forces us undersea but luckily this is where all the swashbuckli...

  • E7
    Ben 10 ︰外星世界(第1季第7集)

    Once devoid of natural life, Galvan B. was upgraded seemingly overnight after a Galvan terraform experiment accidenta...

  • E8
    Ben 10 ︰外星世界(第1季第8集)

    Flors Verdana, green with vegetation, is as wild and abundant as the Florauna that inhabit it. Let's take a walk on t...

  • E9
    Ben 10 ︰外星世界(第1季第9集)

    As the premiere vacation spot of the cosmos, Arburia is not only a sandy paradise, but home to the Arburian Pelarotas...

  • E10
    Ben 10 ︰外星世界(第1季第10集)

    The circle of life on Lepidopterra is a stinky yet harmonious effort for Lepidopterrans. The wildlife - with slime an...