會說話的湯姆貓和朋友們 第4季
Talking Tom’s on a mission to find Talking Angela, and he’ll stop at nothing to get to her! His quest takes the friends straight to the heart of the mysterious Agency, where nothing is as it seems and danger lurks around every corner. Will they ever see their friend again? Or will their search end in nothing but doom? 更多
10 分鐘
  • E1

    Talking Tom’s on a mission to find Talking Angela, and he’ll stop at nothing to get to her! His quest takes the friends straight to the heart of the mysterious Agency, where nothing is as it seems and danger lurks around every corner. Will they ever see their friend again? Or will their search end in nothing but doom?

  • E2

    Talking Angela's been found! But something's not right... She thinks she belongs in the world of the Zappers so she attacks her friends with digital creatures! Can they find a way to survive and bring Angela home? Or is Angela about to become the world's newest cyber bad guy?

  • E3

    Jeremy the Germ tries to torment his new roommates by acting gross in the garage, but when everyone starts ignoring him, he feels left out. Forced to reckon with his own nasty behavior, he decides to give being a good guy a try. But can Jeremy really control his worst impulses, or will he wind up more of a villain than ever?

  • E4

    Talking Ben’s having no luck finding a new passion now that his anti-tech bracelet prevents him from doing the science he loves. But when he learns that criminals are planning to steal a priceless painting from the garage, he’s forced to find a way to defend his home. Will Ben get his groove back? Or will he be humiliated again?

  • E5

    Talking Tom’s getting ready to ceremonially hand over the Key to the City to the town’s new mayor. There’s just one problem... The Key’s gone missing! Thinking it must have been stolen, Talking Hank teams up with Talking Ginger to solve the mystery. Can they crack the case? Or will their bungling detective work just make everything worse?

  • E6

    As Talking Angela gets ready for her big comeback concert, she finds a message from an angry fan threatening to throw a pie at her. Believing that the show must go on, Talking Tom volunteers to be her bodyguard. But will he be able to get tough fast? Or will Angela’s career be over before it restarts?

  • E7

    Talking Ben has a great new plan to save “Tom and Ben Enterprises” – he’s going to start the town’s only taxi service! To everyone’s surprise, Ben’s business starts booming... Until a new car shows up that’s cooler, cleaner, and fully computerized. Will the competition drive Ben out of town?

  • E8

    Talking Tom gets invited to become one of the world’s top models, and he loves the sudden fame and attention. But when his friends start treating him like a bubble-headed buffoon, he realizes he’s suffering from “The Model’s Curse”. Can Tom change the way the world sees his good-looking colleagues, or will no one ever take him seriously again?

  • E9

    Talking Angela’s shocked to learn that a popular new song by “Becca Sparkles” is actually a diss track about her! Unwilling to go down without a fight, Angela sets out to write the meanest response she can think of. Will Angela be able to patch things up with the new girl in town? Or will she enjoy being music’s newest Queen of Mean?

  • E10

    Since they’re banned from inventing things, Talking Tom and Talking Ben need a new plan for their company. Tom hits the jackpot when he realizes he can sell enthusiastic subscribers boxes full of junk! But when “Great Crate” gets too popular too fast, Tom can’t supply the growing demand. Will the good name of “Tom and Ben Enterprises” be ruined forever?

  • E11

    Talking Angela wants to save the planet, so when the Landlord decides to chop down the tree in front of the garage, it’s the perfect opportunity for her to make a difference. She starts living in the tree and tries to start an eco-movement! But when the tree turns out to be filled with vicious bugs, her movement turns into a disaster.

  • E12

    Talking Angela learns that her favorite female superhero of all time is getting her own movie! But when the movie’s director announces that the lead role is going to be played by a guy, Angela decides she has to disguise herself as a dude to get the part. Is “Angelo” going to be the next big movie star? Or is Angela’s movie career headed for disaster?

  • E13

    Talking Ginger stumbles on a huge secret about his teacher – at night, she becomes a tough-as-nails monster hunter! He forces her to take him along when she fights her latest foe. But a real monster turns out to be a lot scarier than Ginger was expecting! Has he gotten in way over his head... And doomed the whole town to monster madness?

  • E14

    Talking Angela gets invited to perform at a big concert that Ricky DeLuna put together to apologize for his past misdeeds. But before the show can start, a mummy starts attacking Ricky and the other musicians! It’s up to Talking Tom and her other friends to find out what’s going on... Before Angela becomes the creepy creature’s next victim!

  • E15

    When Talking Tom nearly forgets his anniversary with Talking Angela, he rushes to find the perfect present for her before it’s too late! But after he makes a last-minute deal that accidentally ruins Angela’s gift to him, Tom and Angela wind up in a huge fight as they each try to one-up the other’s thoughtfulness.

  • E16

    Talking Ben convinces his friends to play a legendarily-geeky game and they all get sucked into the game’s fantasy world! They soon learn that the only way out is to win... But doing that means figuring out a bunch of nerdy, frustrating rules. Will the friends manage to become master geek gamers? Or will this be their final game night?

  • E17

    Talking Hank’s sick on his birthday and feeling miserable, but his day gets better when a soup-related accident warps his favorite cartoon characters out of the TV! Soon, he’s hosting the garage bash of his dreams - until a gang of TV villains crashes the party. Can Hank beat back the baddies and save his special day?

  • E19

    Talking Tom’s thrilled that he’s won a free vacation into outer space, but when the trip turns out to be an elaborate trap by the evil CEO, he finds himself hurtling straight towards the sun! Talking Ben’s the only one who can save him, but to do that, Ben needs to find a way to get his anti-tech bracelet off once and for all.

  • E20

    Talking Ben’s excited to get back to inventing now that his anti-tech bracelet is gone, and he starts big by making a machine to control the weather! But when he gives his device to a popular weatherman, it goes haywire and pulverizes the town with weird disasters! Has Ben’s science gone too far again, or is this a case of scientific sabotage?

  • E22

    The CEO throws his company into chaos when he puts his fish in charge. When Talking Hank’s called in to figure out what “Goldie” wants, Talking Tom realizes Hank has a chance to take over their old foe’s business. He encourages his friend to do it, even if that means lying. But one lie leads to another. Will Hank be corrupted by his new-found power?

  • E23

    After a trip to the Museum of Chocolate, Talking Tom and Friends sign up for a no-holds-barred battle to win an enormous candy prize. Talking Ginger’s determined to beat everyone else – even his own friends – but he’s taken out of the competition by Darren, who seems to be cheating. Now Ginger must expose the sugary fraud before the prize gets gobbled up!

  • E24

    Talking Ginger’s sick of his class basketball team’s losing streak, so he gets Talking Hank to go back to school as the new star player. Hank likes the acclaim he gets in the position, but he doesn’t like the schoolwork… If his grades don’t improve, he’ll be kicked off the team! Will Hank cheat to keep being the Big Man in Grade School?

  • E25

    Talking Tom and Friends get locked in their own storage room after being lured there with the promise of a fake party. There’s no way out... But fortunately, TV detectives Bongo and McGillicuddy are watching and ready to help! They open an investigation into the worst foes that Talking Tom and Friends have ever faced. But can they snare the suspect in time?

  • E26

    Just as Talking Angela starts to worry that life with Talking Tom is boring, Xenon returns and recruits her for an urgent mission to another world! Angela’s excited. But then she learns she needs to steal information from a tough bad-boy version of Tom. What if she can’t trick this evil boyfriend lookalike? Even worse... What if she starts to like him?