2 分鐘
  • E2
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第2集)

    When Kara Danvers sleep-flies out of the Gordon house, it's up to Barbara Gordon to bring her back down to Earth befo...

  • E3
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第3集)

    Batgirl faces one of her greatest adversaries yet when a stray bat gets into her bedroom.

  • E4
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第4集)

    Kara Danvers needs to stop a villain but her super-girl costume is in the wash!

  • E5
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第5集)

    When Hammy the hamster gets loose in Burrito Bucket, it's up to Barbara Gordon to catch him before the health inspect...

  • E6
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第6集)

    Kara Danvers sets out for picture day at school.

  • E7
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第6集)

    Zee Zatara's magic goes haywire during her frantic attempts to make herself look good for her school picture.

  • E8
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第8集)

    Doris Zeul and Leslie Willis battle for the last candy bar in the vending machine.

  • E9
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第9集)

    The Flash encounters a variety of obstacles when he must deliver a dessert across town in under ten minutes.

  • E10
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第10集)

    Harleen Quinzel and Pam Isley end up in a super battle over the remote.

  • E11
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第11集)

    When his fishbowl breaks Garth embarks on a frantic search through Metropolis.

  • E12
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第12集)

    Zee Zatara and Oliver Queen set out to sabotage each other's advertisements.

  • E13
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第13集)

    Karen Beecher needs to get to class to preserve her perfect attendance.

  • E14
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第14集)

    Batgirl finds herself in trouble with Poison Ivy.

  • E16
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第16集)

    Jessica Cruz does battle with her own smoothie when Poison Ivy wreaks havoc on a vegan restaurant.

  • E17
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第17集)

    Supergirl takes advantage of Wonder Woman's nurturing nature.

  • E18
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第18集)

    Karen Beecher takes her new gig as hall monitor very seriously which puts her in direct conflict with cocky rule-brea...

  • E19
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第19集)

    Zatara's wants Barbara to see eye to eye with her father.

  • E20
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第20集)

    Harley Quinn wreaks havoc all over Metropolis when she finds Wonder Woman's missing Lasso of Truth.

  • E21
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第21集)

    When Barbara Gordon must improvise to save the day.

  • E22
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第22集)

    Diana Prince's first experience at the Lazarus Pit goes horribly wrong.

  • E23
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第23集)

    Jessica Cruz struggles to make it to picture day

  • E24
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第24集)

    Zee Zatara's hairstylist goes to extreme lengths to give Kara Danvers's super-hair a cut.

  • E25
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第25集)

    Batgirl's malfunctioning gadgets cause her to lose confidence in her abilities.

  • E26
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第26集)

    Kara Danvers is desperate to get to a concert but first has to serve out detention by re-shelving books in the library.

  • E27
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第27集)

    Zee Zatara struggles to entertain kids at a birthday party even when she works real magic into her act.

  • E28
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第29集)

    When Zee Zatara gets a cold her sneezing sets off uncontrollable magic bursts all over school.

  • E29
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第29集)

    Diana Prince is a distant underdog when she enters a pie-eating contest against Barry Allen and Doris Zeul.

  • E30
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第30集)

    A series of events conspire to keep Barry Allen from making it to school on time.

  • E31
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第31集)

    Zee Zatara's attempt to broaden Kara Danvers's horizons by taking her for a sushi dinner ends in disaster.

  • E32
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第32集)

    Kara Danvers is excited to see a new horror movie but must contend with a theater full of rude patrons.

  • E33
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第33集)

    Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen find themselves pinned in the middle of a battle when Star Sapphire attacks Hal Jordan and ...

  • E34
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第34集)

    Barbara Gordon is desperate to get to the hideout beneath Sweet Justice but can't because the booth is occupied.

  • E35
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第35集)

    Apabila seluruh pasukannya kalah, Karen Beecher terpaksa kuatkan semangat untuk menang pertandingan dengan segala kem...

  • E36
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第36集)

    When the Bat-Scooter blows a tire Batgirl will do whatever it takes to get to a fight.

  • E37
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第37集)

    Barbara Gordon dan Harleen Quinzel sama-sama inginkan buku komik yang sama, tetapi tidak mahu membiarkannya menjadi s...

  • E38
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第38集)

    Doris becomes excited by the possibilities when she inadvertently injects herself with the wrong serum and becomes su...

  • E39
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第39集)

    Kara Danvers's competitive nature kicks into high gear when she can't get a single prize at the games on the pier whi...

  • E40
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第40集)

    Karen Beecher gets the last taco on Taco Tuesday but Doris Zeul will do everything in her power to make sure she does...

  • E41
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第41集)

    Jessica Cruz the only one of the girls with a car chauffeurs the others over the course of an ordinary week.

  • E42
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第42集)

    Barbara Gordon gets a message that Batgirl is needed...while she's in the middle of a very important test.

  • E43
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第43集)

    Barbara Gordon is desperate to win a prize on a punching game at the pier but just doesn't have the skills.

  • E44
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第44集)

    When Hal Jordan smashes a massive asteroid headed for Earth it fractures into hundreds of smaller asteroids that Jess...

  • E45
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第45集)

    For a school assignment Karen Beecher and Kara Danvers must team up to protect an egg from any and all dangers.

  • E46
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第46集)

    Selina Kyle and Barbara Anne Minerva both want the same high-end handbag and will do anything to get it.

  • E47
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第47集)

    Karen Beecher is psyched to see the next installment in her favorite movie franchise until Doris Zeul shows up and tr...

  • E48
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第48集)

    Barbara has to miss her shift at Burrito Bucket and her boss enlists her most responsible friend Jessica Cruz to fill...

  • E49
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第49集)

    Green Lantern (Hal) tries to impress his hero Superman with his heroing prowess.

  • E50
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第50集)

    When Babs finds a ratty old sofa that she thinks will be perfect for the hideout she recruits Karen to help her get i...

  • E51
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第51集)

    The moody and intense Katana must battle the silliest villain in Metropolis Harley Quinn in the happiest place in tow...

  • E52
    DC 超級英雄小女孩(第1季第52集)

    Lois Lane sends her intrepid photographer Jimmy Olsen out to get a picture of the Super Hero Girls in action but his ...