Ben 10 ︰外星世界 第3季
1 分鐘
  • E1
    Ben 10 ︰外星世界(第3季第1集)

    The Tetramands encounter a swarm of Lepidopterrans whose agile aerobatics and acrid aroma make them a rare match for ...

  • E2
    Ben 10 ︰外星世界(第3季第2集)

    In the wake of civil war, the Petrosapiens, Subsapiens, and Antrosapiens unite against a new, unknown adversary invad...

  • E3
    Ben 10 ︰外星世界(第3季第3集)

    A Kineceleran delegation visits Pyros to discuss diplomacy and ends up in a heated game of Fireball.

  • E4
    Ben 10 ︰外星世界(第3季第4集)

    After centuries of failing to break their own land-speed records, the Kinecelerans put an end to "The Slow Age" by te...

  • E5
    Ben 10 ︰外星世界(第3季第5集)

    The Ekoplektoids’ amoebic ability to multiply their own cells and subdivide into smaller denser clones leads to out...

  • E6
    Ben 10 ︰外星世界(第3季第6集)

    The Appoplexians journey to Terradino for a gladiatorial tournament hosted by the Vaxasaurians-- an epic clash of tai...

  • E7
    Ben 10 ︰外星世界(第3季第7集)

    The Fulmini christen their mothership ‘Fulmas II’ and set their sights on Khoros only to find the Tetramands are ...

  • E8
    Ben 10 ︰外星世界(第3季第8集)

    On vacation from their war-torn home world, the Petropians travel to Appoplexia and use crystalline constructs to kee...

  • E9
    Ben 10 ︰外星世界(第3季第9集)

    It’s beach season on Arburia again and the Pelarotas must contend with a crowd of the most obtrusive tourists in th...

  • E10
    Ben 10 ︰外星世界(第3季第10集)

    The Lepidopterrans find their most famous mountain range covered in a strange snow— seemingly overnight.