Ben 10 ︰外星世界 第2季
1 分鐘
  • E1
    Ben 10 ︰外星世界(第2季第1集)

    A look at the perilous lengths to which the Tetramands must go in order to forge their formidable Warspears- the weap...

  • E2
    Ben 10 ︰外星世界(第2季第2集)

    The Petrosapien Civil War comes to a crucial turning point as the crystalline Petrosapiens make the hard choice to te...

  • E3
    Ben 10 ︰外星世界(第2季第3集)

    Join the Pyronites as they ring in the holidays with a special tradition that would make even the most warm-blooded o...

  • E4
    Ben 10 ︰外星世界(第2季第4集)

    The Kinecelerans live life at the fastest pace possible, even when they're letting off steam- hence their supercharge...

  • E5
    Ben 10 ︰外星世界(第2季第5集)

    A reliable power supply is vital to the Galvans' around-the-clock research, so when disaster strikes - or, more speci...

  • E6
    Ben 10 ︰外星世界(第2季第6集)

    When the Cascan Pirates aren't plundering the depths of Cascareau for buried treasure, they're depositing their spoil...

  • E7
    Ben 10 ︰外星世界(第2季第7集)

    For the Fulmini, enough is just never enough. Traveling from planet to planet, draining worlds of their energy, this ...

  • E8
    Ben 10 ︰外星世界(第2季第8集)

    The Verda World Tree gives life to the entire ecosystem surrounding it, but like any organic matter, this magnificent...

  • E9
    Ben 10 ︰外星世界(第2季第9集)

    Arburia is well-known across the galaxy for its beach season, but this year's interplanetary vacationers won't be cat...

  • E10
    Ben 10 ︰外星世界(第2季第10集)

    For the Lepidopterrans, putting food on the family table is never as simple as running out to the grocery store. Watc...