Sketchy Show 第2季
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  • E1
    Sketchy Show (第2季第1集)

    A Sketchy robot comes face to face with the real toy and transforms into a tiny kid's tricycle.

  • E2
    Sketchy Show (第2季第2集)

    A whale leaps to life, up out of the paper, landing outside the drawing and beaching itself on the table.

  • E3
    Sketchy Show (第2季第3集)

    A wizard's trick goes terribly wrong and he turns himself into a clay statue.

  • E4
    Sketchy Show (第2季第4集)

    A Sketchy monster-girl is so distracted by her lollipop she doesn't realise her balloons are lifting her up, up, up...

  • E5
    Sketchy Show (第2季第5集)

    A Sketchy monkey with giant ears hears a banana being peeled hundreds of miles away and tracks down the treat.

  • E6
    Sketchy Show (第2季第6集)

    A 100-foot-tall dancing Sketchy carrot is destroying a city block with its crazy moves.

  • E7
    Sketchy Show (第2季第7集)

    On a car window is a sticker of a Sketchy man and when the driver gets out, he looks just like the sticker.

  • E8
    Sketchy Show (第2季第8集)

    A baby vampire starts biting her toys and amazingly they all grow vampire wings and fly away.

  • E9
    Sketchy Show (第2季第9集)

    A baby vampire starts biting the objects on a desk, and they all sprout vampire wings and fly away.

  • E10
    Sketchy Show (第2季第10集)

    This one-eyed Sketchy is tied up on a leash outside the post office, attracting mixed attention from passers-by.

  • E11
    Sketchy Show (第2季第11集)

    The Tooth Fairy creates an elaborate heist to steal a golden tooth, but will she pull it off?

  • E12
    Sketchy Show (第2季第12集)

    A Sketchy phone named Harry is trying to concentrate on building his house of cards but people keep calling and texti...

  • E13
    Sketchy Show (第2季第13集)

    A Sketchy shark emerges from a puddle and shows he's got legs..

  • E14
    Sketchy Show (第2季第14集)

    Earthman Sketchy isn't happy about a rocket landing on the moon.

  • E15
    Sketchy Show (第2季第15集)

    A Sketchy snake eats a skeleton whole before walking off-screen looking completely different.

  • E16
    Sketchy Show (第2季第16集)

    Disco Pickle wants to dance - a hula girl and some car radio tunes will do just the trick.

  • E17
    Sketchy Show (第2季第17集)

    Someone's hungry for a burger, but Angry Burger is also a little peckish.

  • E18
    Sketchy Show (第2季第18集)

    The Cavemen have discovered something awe-inspiring in the desert - how will they pay their respects?

  • E19
    Sketchy Show (第2季第19集)

    These Cavemen are on the hunt, but once they track down their food some like it hot and others prefer it raw.

  • E20
    Sketchy Show (第2季第20集)

    A creature is after our Cavemen. Will they hold it together and save each other from its claws?