Tom and Jerry玩轉紐約 第2季
A chase lands Tom and Jerry out into a dumpster in the alley and ultimately onto a trash barge headed for landfill. On the barge they meet a group of rats who challenge them to be king of the hill./After a Spike, Jerry, Toots, and Butch all give Tom a particularly hard day at the Hotel, Tom agrees to exchange places with a cunning out--of-work actor cat who looks just like him. All goes well until the fellow decides he will not leave./The Tom and Jerry gang hit the Jersey Shore for a musical surf competition to determine who will be King of the Beach./Tom and Jerry fall into the luggage of a visiting Kabuki actor and travel home to Japan with him. There they clash with Kabuki culture and disrupt a live performance. 更多
20 分鐘
  • E1
    Tom and Jerry玩轉紐約(第2季第8集)

    A chase lands Tom & Jerry into a dumpster and more.

  • E2
    Tom and Jerry玩轉紐約(第2季第2集)

    Tom is to keep a chimp away from bananas and more.

  • E3
    Tom and Jerry玩轉紐約(第2季第3集)

    Tom and Spike get treated to a trip to the Hotel spa and more.

  • E4
    Tom and Jerry玩轉紐約(第2季第4集)

    A pop star checks into the Hotel, Jerry's caterpillar friend hides and more.

  • E5
    Tom and Jerry玩轉紐約(第2季第5集)

    A health inspector calls on the Hotel and more.

  • E6
    Tom and Jerry玩轉紐約(第2季第6集)

    Tom has a nightmare, Jerry inherits a hamster ball and more!