ESME & ROY 第2季
Tillie loves playing with her Vroom Vroom Dino toys. But when lunchtime rolls around, Tillie doesn’t want to stop playing. The Monstersitters try bringing her lunch outside and even play a game where the prize is eating lunch, but nothing works. That is, until Esme comes up with the idea of playing Dino Drive-In. Now Tillie and her Vroom Vroom Dinos can drive AND eat inside their cars! 更多
11 分鐘
  • E1

    Tillie loves playing with her Vroom Vroom Dino toys. But when lunchtime rolls around, Tillie doesn’t want to stop p...

  • E2
    Esme & Roy(第2季第2集)

    Hugo doesn’t want to be a big kid anymore - there are too many responsibilities. So he decides he’s going to be a...

  • E3
    Esme & Roy(第2季第3集)

    Esme and Roy are helping Snugs take cupcakes to a playdate in the park. But can Snugs deliver them without eating one...

  • E4

    Simon wants to make a painting worthy of a museum, but he can’t get his paintings to turn out the way he wants.

  • E5

    Esme and Roy are taking Tillie to the library, but they run into trouble when the book she wants is already checked out.

  • E6

    Esme and Roy are playing with Sid and Lucy at the park. But when bugs start crawling on the scene, Sid gets nervous.

  • E7

    Esme and Roy arrive at the Ooga house, ready for a fun day with baby Fig. But things get tricky when Fig starts throw...

  • E8

    The Swoozle News”Short: Esme and Roy are watching Simon while Grammy works from home. But Simon wants to tell Gram...

  • E9
    Esme & Roy(第2季第9集)

    Fig wants to play Space Explorers with Hugo and Frank. But Hugo gets frustrated when Fig doesn’t play the right way.

  • E10
    Esme & Roy(第2季第10集)

    It’s time for Tillie to take a nap, but she wants to keep playing with her Monstersitters.

  • E11
    Esme & Roy(第2季第11集)

    When Snugs gets a boo-boo on the playground, he’s not sure he wants to play again.

  • E12
    Esme & Roy(第2季第12集)

    Tillie wants to play mail monster and Snugs wants to play ice cream shop, but playing two games at the same time prov...

  • E13
    Esme & Roy(第2季第13集)

    When a key character in Hugo’s mystery play goes missing, Hugo is determined to find him.

  • E14
    Esme & Roy(第2季第14集)

    Snugs and Tillie both want to play with the same stuffed kitty, but they can’t find a way to share it.

  • E15
    Esme & Roy(第2季第15集)

    Hugo is headed to a sleepover with Simon, but he wants to bring way too many things. Can Esme and Roy help him pack o...

  • E16
    Esme & Roy(第2季第16集)

    Esme and Roy are taking Simon to a museum exhibit all about explorers, but Simon can’t wait to get there.

  • E17
    Esme & Roy(第2季第17集)

    It’s story time at Monstersitters’ HQ, and today’s story is about a princess who must save all the toys in her ...

  • E18
    Esme & Roy(第2季第18集)

    After watching a mystery show before bed, Simon finds himself getting spooked by all kinds of sounds at night!

  • E19
    Esme & Roy(第2季第19集)

    Snugs is about to be a big brother! But he’s nervous: does he have what it takes to be the best big brother ever?

  • E20
    Esme & Roy(第2季第20集)

    It’s Warm and Fuzzy Day and Sid and Lucy need to make twenty cards to give their friends. Will they be able to make...

  • E21
    Esme & Roy(第2季第21集)

    Snugs is so excited to play games with his little brother Fuzzy! But trouble arises when all his favorite games have ...

  • E22
    Esme & Roy(第2季第22集)

    Tillie and the Monstersitters are all set to have a blast at the beach, but the wind keeps foiling their plans!

  • E23
    Esme & Roy(第2季第23集)

    When it comes time to wash Fig’s beloved Bunny, Fig has trouble waiting - she doesn’t want to play without her!

  • E24
    Esme & Roy(第2季第24集)

    Hugo is trying to finish his new book, but Fig keeps interrupting him! Can Esme and Roy find a way for them both to h...

  • E25
    Esme & Roy(第2季第25集)

    Snugs has outgrown his baby things, but when his little brother Fuzzy starts using them, Snugs gets jealous.

  • E26
    Esme & Roy(第2季第26集)

    Hugo and Fig are practicing their duet for Monsterdale Festival, but their song becomes endangered when Fig gets a ca...

  • E27
    Esme & Roy(第2季第27集)

    Willie becomes sad when his best doggie friend moves away. Can Simon, Esme, and Roy find a way to cheer him up?

  • E28
    Esme & Roy(第2季第28集)

    Fig wants to touch everything, including things are too dangerous for a baby. Can Esme and Roy find something appropr...

  • E29
    Esme & Roy(第2季第29集)

    Simon loves his new game, Mission To Splars. But come bedtime, Simon doesn’t want to stop playing. Can Esme and Roy...

  • E30
    Esme & Roy(第2季第30集)

    Snugs wants to play with Frank and Franny, but they keep flying away. Can Esme and Roy find a game that all the littl...

  • E31
    Esme & Roy(第2季第31集)

    Hugo wants to perform a show for Esme and Roy, but Fig and Fuzzy keep distracting them. Can Hugo find a show that wil...

  • E32
    Esme & Roy(第2季第32集)

    When Hugo and Tillie start turning everything into a competition, it’s up to Esme and Roy to find a way for them to...

  • E33
    Esme & Roy(第2季第33集)

    Grammy wants Simon to get some exercise, but Simon has a hard time exercising for long enough. Can Esme and Roy find ...

  • E34
    Esme & Roy(第2季第34集)

    Simon comes down with a case of the Swoozlepox which makes him really itchy. Can Esme and Roy help him stop scratchin...

  • E35
    Esme & Roy(第2季第35集)

    Snugs wants to go on the hot air balloon ride at the monster fair, but he's afraid of heights! Can Esme and Roy help ...

  • E36
    Esme & Roy(第2季第36集)

    Tillie has a whole night of activities planned. But when the power goes out, she has to learn to have fun without ele...

  • E37
    Esme & Roy(第2季第37集)

    Simon wants to make a movie about his day at the park. But when Hugo offers to help, the movie quickly becomes all ab...

  • E38
    Esme & Roy(第2季第38集)

    Simon and Snugs can't wait for Furry Claws to come to their party. But when he’s unable to make it, they learn the ...

  • E39
    Esme & Roy(第2季第39集)

    Fig and the Monstersitters can't wait to play outside in the snow. But when the snow melts away, they have to come up...

  • E40
    Esme & Roy(第2季第40集)

    Tillie has an upcoming doctor's appointment, but she’s afraid to go. Can the Monstersitters help Tillie conquer her...

  • E41
    Esme & Roy(第2季第41集)

    It's Dumpling's birthday and Esme and Roy are throwing her a party. Simon and Hugo are excited to help, but they can'...

  • E42
    Esme & Roy(第2季第42集)

    Snugs can’t wait to eat his favorite dessert: a slimesicle! But before he can have his treat, Snugs has to eat his ...

  • E43
    Esme & Roy(第2季第43集)

    Esme and Roy take Tillie out for a bike ride. But when Tillie falls off her bike, it’s up to the Monstersitters to ...

  • E44
    Esme & Roy(第2季第44集)

    Tillie has a soccer game coming up and needs to put on her team uniform. But there’s a problem: she doesn’t want ...

  • E45
    Esme & Roy(第2季第45集)

    When the MonsterCase breaks down, Snugs looks through a box of old toys to find something to play with.

  • E46
    Esme & Roy(第2季第46集)

    Simon wants to earn a Monster Troop badge for taking care of his dog, Willie. But when Simon tries to complete the st...

  • E47
    Esme & Roy(第2季第47集)

    Simon and Snugs are so excited to have a sleepover with their Monstersitters. But the two quickly discover that they ...

  • E48
    Esme & Roy(第2季第48集)

    Hugo’s having fun playing at the beach – in fact, it’s the best day ever! But when it’s time to leave, Hugo d...

  • E49
    Esme & Roy(第2季第49集)

    Fig, Esme, and Roy are having a playdate at the playground. But when other kids show up, Fig has a hard time waiting ...

  • E50
    Esme & Roy(第2季第50集)

    Simon is super excited to celebrate Fangsgiving. But when things don’t go according to plan, he learns the true mea...

  • E51
    Esme & Roy(第2季第51集)

    Snugs and Tillie are having a playdate! But when Tillie keeps interrupting, Snugs starts to get frustrated.