Lamput escapes from the Lab, the Boss gives the job of orange-blob-retrieval to Doc Specs and Doc Skinny, who turn out to really suck at orange-blob-retrieval. Lamput gives them the slip again and again, and, true to form, the Docs decide to blame their tools. They convince the Boss to let them use more and more expensive vehicles, using an age-old corporate strategy commonly referred to as “diminishing returns”. For scientists, these dudes sure are slow learners.

Lamput escapes the Lab, and unenviable task of orange-blob-retrieval falls to Specs and Skinny.

Skinny and Specs’ worst nightmares come true when the Boss hires a super-cool “Fixer” to catch Lamput once and for all.

The strain of constant failure gets too much for the Docs, and their friendship breaks down once and for all.

Lamput faints of thirst on a desert highway, and the Docs see their chance. Things go badly after that.

Fortune telling can be a tough gig. Especially if your customer has no regard for their own safety, on account of being obsessed with pursuing a strange orange blob.

Lamput flees into the local public pool, and masquerades as a swimming competition trophy. Clearly there’s only one way for Skinny to catch his orange quarry.

It's Specs' big night in the town with the lady of his dream. What could go wrong? The answer to that question might have do with the shapeshifting orange blob at the next table.

Lamput shows kindness to a nearby spider - and in the process makes a valuable ally. Good thing, too, because the mozzies around here are diabolical.

Locked up in the back of a police van is a great opportunity to reminisce about where it all went wrong. The Docs ponder their shared childhood at "Lab School".

Lamput gets mistaken for a guide dog, & the Docs try to nab their quarry without disturbing an old lady's pleasant day in front of the wireless. Good thing she can't see the chaos going on.

Eureka! The Docs invent a revolutionary time-ray! This breakthrough could change the world. If they used it for something other than chasing Lamput. What a waste of time.

After a series of mishaps, Lamput ends up back at the Lab, working undercover as the newest Doc on the block. Doc Lamput turns out to be pretty good at this science stuff.

Specs' work ethic gets in the way of Skinny's sleep-in. It's Sunday, dude! Could you just chill out about Lamput for one second?

The Boss takes on a particularly enormous sailor in a seedy underground arm wrestling tournament. Who knew old Boss such grit? And why's that trophy so darn orange?

Warning: excessive Lamput-chasing can cause loss of sleep, nightmares and extreme fatigue. See your shrink if symptoms persist.

A magical necklace finally gives Specs & Skinny the edge they need. It'd be a shame if it fell into the wrong hands though. Three guesses whose hands those turn out to be.

The Boss invents a brain-swapping ray but accidentally using it on himself. The Boss starts acting kinda Lamputty. Lamput starts acting kinda... Bossy.

The Docs get their mitts on super-suits that grant mighty powers. Do they use their new powers to fight evil and help the needy? Nope. They pretty much just chase Lamput.

Ahead of the big dance, Skinny practices his moves so hard that he knocks himself out. Enter a very orange guardian angel.

Lamput takes refuge in a fancy hotel. The Docs are dazzled by the luxury… these guys clearly don't do much travelling.

When a poor lost baby elephant can't find its mama, it's Lamput to the rescue. It's not easy keeping the little grey cutie out of trouble. 'Specially when there's Docs about.

Skinny gets a monstrous case of the hiccups. Like, literally he's turning into a monster. Not Lamput's fault. Definitely Lamput's problem.

Specs takes a blow to the noggin and devolves into a baby. Skinny and Lamput make an important discovery: parenting is really hard.

Skinny sleepwalks into trouble all night. Specs is no use: he's just watched a horror movie and is now too freaked out to be any help at all. Thank goodness for Lamput.

"Are the Docs good at basketball?" asked no-one ever. Answer: maybe, if a certain orange blob takes pity on them.

Invention: a lotion that grants super speed. Result: the docs fail faster.

Specs and a notorious jewel thief get mistaken for each other. All it took was the wrong pair of glasses! "I was framed!" cries Specs from the big house.

Lamput hides in a spooky castle and the Docs commandeer a magic broomstick. Two clumsy nerds riding a high-speed broomstick: what could go wrong?

The Docs post a huge reward for the capture of Lamput. The whole plan comes crashing down when someone actually expects to get paid. Whatever they're doctors of, it sure ain't economics.

Lamput flees into a fashion show and gets caught up in the glamor. This season's colour: orange!!

The Docs chase Lamput into an ancient Egypt exhibition. The rest is history.

A fine day at the beach goes sour when Lamput starts worrying about having a small orange blob for a body. A lesson learned for everyone's favourite orange blob: be yourself!

A brand new shrink ray does exactly what it's meant to do if it was aimed in the right direction. Docs and Lamput are on their usual chase albeit in micro size. 

The Docs chase Lamput onto the stage of a rock concert. The crowd goes wild. The Docs go wilder.

Boss is a mean and scary dude, but he loves his mom. He sends Specs and Skinny to pick her up from the station but they fail to deliver. Luckily Lamput's a friend of the family.

Catastrophe strikes!! The Boss has a shaving accident that costs him his glorious 'Tache! It really stirs up some deep seated family issues for him.

Doc Specs tries to goose his numbers by turning in a counterfeit Lamput, made out of a couple of ping pong balls and a jar of marmalade jam. Things are pretty sweet for Specs - then they get sticky.

A tiny mixup lands Skinny at the controls of an intergalactic UFO. Meanwhile a Skinny-shaped alien ends up working at the Lab. The alien is way better at science than Skinny is at flying a spaceship.

It's a fancy night of classical music, and the Docs are on their very best behaviour. Until they spot Lamput in a nearby box. Then they really bring the tone down.

Lamput jumps on Skinny's head and poses as a luscious mane of auburn hair. Specs falls in love. Romance is tough. Especially when you're an idiot.