Ok K.O.! 英雄讚

Ok K.O.! 英雄讚


KO eats a piece of new candy at Gar's that makes him giant, but when Mr. Gar has an emergency that he needs a hero for, he finds that he's too big for the job. 

KO eats a piece of new candy at Gar's that makes him giant, but when Mr. Gar has an emergency that he needs a hero for, he finds that he's too big for the job. 

KO battles one of Lord Boxman's robots all by himself, only to be faced with bigger and bigger versions of, before learning that they share something in common. 

When Rad, Enid, and KO sneak into Mr. Gar's office, they break a framed photo of him and Carol and must replace it before Mr. Gar notices it's gone.

When KO tags along with his mom to work, he discovers the convenience store next door is his key to becoming the hero he was destined to be.

KO wants to be as heroic as his new friends Rad and Enid and decides the way to do so is to sneak into Lord Boxman's lair and take him on by himself. 

When KO sets out to prove to Enid that helping people is rewarding, but then he meets some kids who take advantage of his helpful nature.

KO helps a strange girl from school, Dendy, get the parts she needs to repair her high tech backpack from different locations around the Plaza.

When KO finally gets a Hero Card, he finds out he's level 100, instantly making him a celebrity and the idol of everyone. But this goes to KO's head and he challenges a supercharged Darrell all by himself, only to realize that his level 100 is actually a glitch!

When Enid says that no one "gets" her, KO sets out to do just that. But when Enid gets turned to stone and only KO can tell, it's up to him to turn her back to normal.

When a new robot, Raymond, defeats the three heroes to steal the sign to Gar's, KO teams up with Darrell and Shannon to get it back.

When a jerky kid, Chameleon Jr tries to mess with KO, KO embarrasses him. But when Chameleon Jr. says his dad can beat up KO's mom, KO gladly accepts the challenge on Carol's behalf. 

When KO forgets his name tag, Rad lets him use his, which results in everyone thinking KO is Rad, including Rad himself. 

When Enid is left in charge of the store, she has to deal with tiny, 90s video game mascots wreaking havoc in the bodega.

When KO finds out that his favorite comedian, Joe Cuppa, is down on his luck, he helps him out by making him fight Darrell. 

Rad brags about knowing everything about Gar's, but his knowledge is put to the test when a customer needs something from the mysterious back room.

Boxman captures KO, Enid and Rad, but seems a little distracted.

KO takes part in Lakewood Plaza Turbo's annual Plazalympics competition.

Dendy helps KO, Enid and Rad stop a glitch that threatens to take over the bodega.

KO wants to surprise Carol with a gift for Mother's Day, but doesn't know what to get her.

When an old friend of Enid's comes to town, she gets the opportunity to right an ancient wrong.

When Rad throws his own prom at the Plaza, KO tries to makes sure it goes off without a hitch.

Our heroes play an arcade game that makes them face their greatest fears.

PT 1: Searching for power, KO accepts the help of a mysterious figure. PT 2: Our heroes band together to save the plaza from a new menace.

When Rad posts a video that goes viral, he tries to milk his 15 minutes of fame.

KO, Rad, and Enid look back at the Lakewood Plaza Turbo pilot.

Boxman must go 24 hours without attacking Lakewood Plaza Turbo.

When a long lost hero stumbles into Gar's, KO agrees to help him complete his years long quest.

A special hero helps Lakewood Plaza Turbo save the planet.

When Mikayla, a new animalistic robot, attacks, KO, Rad, and Enid have to think outside the box to defeat her.

Rad and Enid reminisce about when they started working at the bodega and learned how amazing Mr. Gar really is.

When KO realizes Pow Cards exclude his friend, he's at a loss of what to do.

KO does a school report on Carol.

KO helps Dendy with her science fair project.

KO decides to help Ginger recapture her glory days.

KO learns the story of how Mr. Logic came to the plaza.

Mr. Gar and Carol fight a villain from their past.

KO joins Mr. Gar on a stakeout.

Enid and Rad discover that KO has a video channel.

Lord Boxman forces his way into an exclusive Villains party.

When a charismatic huckster shows up to the plaza, the product he's selling turns everything upside down.

While Boxman and Venomous are out, Fink is reluctantly babysat by Darrell and Shannon.

A Real Magic Skeleton discovers a new job opportunity.

Dendy fills in for KO at the bodega.

It's Parents' Day at Lakewood Plaza Turbo!

Dynamite Watkins has to go extreme lengths breaking a new story.

When Boxman deploys a new threat, KO must turn to an old enemy for help.