Talking Tom has realized his mistake in snooping on Talking Angela's diary and is worried his actions might have ruined their relationship when Angela says she needs to focus on working on her music video. He goes to the set of her music video to try and patch things up. But will his attempts make things better or even worse?

Talking Tom has realized his mistake in snooping on Talking Angela's diary and is worried his actions might have ruined their relationship when Angela says she needs to focus on working on her music video. He goes to the set of her music video to try and patch things up. But will his attempts make things better or even worse?

Talking Hank and Talking Ginger are pretending to be a crime-fighting superhero duo. But Talking Ben has work to do and Talking Tom and Talking Angela are on a date, so the three of them try to keep Hank and Ginger from annoying them by given them superhero missions. When the missions get out of control, the whole gang is sucked into the superhero action!

Talking Tom, Talking Angela, and Talking Ben find their "MyFace" accounts from high school and are humiliated by the way their teen selves acted. When they are unable to delete their accounts, they decide to go to MyFace headquarters to delete them. But there's just one problem - MyFace is run by the CEO! So they concoct an elaborate scheme to break into the CEO's building. Will the gang be able to pull of their heist successfully, or will their embarrassing pictures be on the internet forever?

Talking Ben creates a new artificial intelligence system, SARA, to help control things in the garage. But SARA quickly gets a crush on Talking Tom - and sees Talking Angela as her romantic rival. Will Tom realize he's being manipulated by a machine before SARA tears his relationship apart?

Talking Angela tries to teach TalkingGinger to sing, but her methods areway harsher than Ginger expected

Talking Angela comes up with an idea for robot drones that act like waiters - and just like that, Angela is in the tech game! Talking Tom and Talking Ben try to warn her it's not as easy as it sounds, but she's determined to make her invention work with the help of Xenon. But when she makes one too many adjustments to her drones, Angela realizes she might be in over her head.

It's the first day of summer, and Talking Ginger is ready to have some fun… but the rest of the gang is planning to spend the day cleaning the garage. At least, that's the plan until they find a treasure map! The gang goes on a day- long hunt for the town treasure. But it seems like they're not the only ones looking for it…

Talking Ben is tired of his inventions failing, so he's decided his newest one, the Listen-O-Scope, is going to be his last if it doesn't work! But it does more than just work… it allows him to contact an alien! As Ben becomes closer with the alien and starts following his instructions, Talking Tom worries that the alien might not be on their side. Will he be able to discover and stop the alien's evil plot in time?

The gang wants to install an indoor trampoline in the garage, and they're just waiting for the Landlord to be in a good mood to ask him. But when they notice he's fighting with Ms. Vanthrax, they worry he won't be in a good mood for a long while. Talking Angela and Talking Tom plot to take the unhappy couple to a couple's retreat, but when they get there, they discover that their relationship might be in danger too!

It's time for Talking Ginger's big Scout Boys camping trip and Talking Tom is their Scout Leader! Ginger can't wait to try to win the "Ribbon of the Forest," but when Darren shows up, Ginger realizes he's going to have some stiff competition. The two guys get into a battle of wilderness know-how, but their fighting leaves them stranded in the woods. Now they'll have to work together if they want to make it home from the trip!

Talking Hank can't wait for his first day on the job as a security guard for the Nerd Night that's happening in town, but the job doesn't turn out to be quite as fast-paced as he'd hoped. That is, until he discovers a conspiracy happening among the nerds! It's up to him to solve the mystery and make sure that justice is served.

As mayor, Talking Tom has to attend a fancy charity gala that's happening in town. He brings Talking Ben and Talking Angela along with him, thinking they can blend in with all of the fancy people. But it turns out high society isn' t a good match for them, and they accidentally turn the party upside-down.

Ms. Vanthrax has a cold, so she asks Talking Ben to be the substitute teacher for her class. Ben is elated, especially since today the class is going to be deciding on a project for the science fair! But when Talking Ginger tries to blow off the assignment, thinking that his friendship with Ben will keep him from doing any work, Ben has to show the class he means business.

Talking Tom has a terrible toothache, but he won't get it fixed because he's terrified of going to the dentist! He lets Talking Hank hypnotize him into not being scared any more… and it works! In fact, it works too well. Now Tom isn't scared of anything, which leads him to make some pretty reckless decisions. Will the gang be able to save Tom from himself before he ends up getting hurt?

Talking Tom finds out that his town has been bumped down to Second Most Friendly town, and he and the gang decide they need to be more welcoming. That resolve is quickly put to the test when the MC moves in to the garage! The gang has a tough time being as welcoming as they want to be as they struggle to adjust to the MC's lifestyle.Will they all be able to find a way to get along?

Talking Ginger is feeling left out because the friends in the garage don't want to do any kid stuff… until an experimental anti-aging cream turns them all into kids! Ginger has a blast playing with the young versions of all his best friends. But soon he has to act like an adult when he realizes he's the only one who might be able to change them all back.

Talking Tom's friends are bothering him, but he's got a perfect plan to get away from them - switching places for the day with "Tim," a guy who looks and sounds exactly like him! But it turns out Tim has other, sinister plans. Will Talking Tom be able to get back to his friends and stop the doppelganger before his company and his friendships are ruined?

Talking Angela and Talking Ginger accidentally break Talking Ben's newest invention, the Nano-Laser, while goofing around with a soccer ball in the garage. Ginger begs Angela not to say anything, so she tries to cover up their crime. But as guilt drives her crazy, she has to decide if she's going to tell her friend the truth - even if he never forgives her.

When Talking Hank runs out of popcorn on movie night, he decides to grow his own corn so that they'll never run out again. With the help of Talking Ben's Super-Grow formula, the corn grows at an alarmingly fast rate. Everyone but Talking Angela eats the corn, and she notices that it's making them act in very bizarre ways. Will she be able to figure out what's wrong with them before they figure out she's not under "corn control" like they are?

A mysterious salesman sells a TV package to Talking Hank that includes a round-the-clock airing of a show about vampires. By the time Hank has watched every episode, he's convinced that Talking Tom and the gang are all secretly vampires waiting to attack him. When the gang realizes what's going on, they need to find a way to get Hank to snap out of it!

The Landlord leaves town for a while and puts the stern teacher Ms. Vanthrax in charge of the garage while he's away! Talking Tom and the others can't deal with Vanthrax's totally unfair rules. So they decide to trick her and sneak away to a big dance competition. But getting away from their new landlord won't be as easy as they thought.

Talking Tom is sick of being annoyed by a guy in town, so he has Talking Ben test a new device on his. Now, whenever someone bothers Tom, he can "block" them so he can't see or hear them! Tom loves living without having to deal with any of the people who annoy him - until he accidentally blocks all his friends. Now Tom might have cut himself off from the whole world!

Talking Angela feels like she's in a little bit of a slump, so Rhonda recommends a new self-help book to her about saying yes to every opportunity. Angela embraces the idea, but takes it too far when she says yes to everything people ask her to do. Now she's on a race against the clock to fulfill all of her promises before a big audition!

Talking Tom and Talking Ben are learning to play the popular video game "SquareStack," but Talking Ginger is so much better than them they'll never catch up. They decide to cheat, and enjoy impressing everyone with their SquareStack skills. But then the cheat they've used gets out of control and starts destroying the game! Now they're playing for some high stakes - the fate of the SquareStack universe!

Talking Angela gets rejected from a music festival, and becomes depressed about the future of her music career. Then a glitch in Talking Ben's computer distorts her music… and gives her an idea for a whole new sound! Angela excitedly puts together a concert featuring an entirely new type of music. But will the town be ready to accept this new Angela? And what is behind the glitch in Ben's machine?

Because of a glitch in Talking Ben's computer, monsters from the video game world are pouring into town and turning everyone into piles of pixels! Talking Tom and Talking Ben race to save the world as their friends fall one by one to the invading horde. In order to fix this, they'll have to turn to some of their greatest enemies. But will even that be enough?