Spike recruits Tom and Jerry to help him remove a bad tooth so he can avoid the vet.

Spike recruits Tom and Jerry to help him remove a bad tooth so he can avoid the vet.

It's picture day for Spike and Tom but Tuffy and Jerry want to be included in this year's picture! Spike and Tom end up in the Laundro-mutt grooming van but a fight leads to a runaway van.

Tom must get rid of a cricket he let into the house or he'll be sleeping outside. Tom destroys the house catching the cricket, and they are both thrown outside where the insect is now Spike's problem.

The storm of the century is brewing, at least according to Tuffy and Jerry who are paying-back Tom for tormenting them earlier. When Spike uncovers the ruse, the mice must brace for their own storm.

Fed up with Tom's cat hair, Rick buys the Suck-Up, a robot vacuum cleaner with a mind of its own. When the Suck-Up turns on Tom and Jerry and takes over the house, the rivals team up to defeat it.

Little Quaker fears his luck will turn for the worse when he walks under a ladder. When a series of incidents happen to everyone but Little Quaker, he thinks he is to blame.

Tom's hijinks take a turn for the worse when he realises he's made a paper airplane out of Ginger's great-great grandmother's treasured fruitcake recipe.

If Tom isn't recovered from his injury before Rick and Ginger leave for their weekend getaway, Tom will have to stay at the Jolly Friends Pet Oasis. So Jerry tempts Tom to do anything but rest.

Ginger brings home a foster kitten and everyone in the house loves it, except Tom. Spike and Jerry take exception to Tom's attitude, and the fight only stops when a new home is found for the kitten.

Tom, Jerry and Butch watch a Smack-n-Cheese Cheesy Cheese Puffs commercial and when they hear, "Supplies are running out!", the rivalry between the trio reaches new heights.

Jerry's Uncle Harry craves a respite from his life on cruise ships, and he comes to visit. But he realises life on the high seas has its advantages when compared with being holed-up with Tom.

Toodles' folks are coming for a visit. Problem is they think she's married with kittens. Tom plays the role of husband and volunteers Jerry and Tuffy to play their kittens.

It's Spike's birthday, but Rick has forgotten about it. Tom and Jerry work together to give the pooch a birthday to remember, but unfortunately their every effort backfires.

Jerry makes a "Reward if Found" poster with Tom's picture and the address listed as the neighbour with the ferocious dog. When Good Samaritans bring him back "home", Tom has to try to escape!

Tom thinks Jerry after has been eaten by a hungry bear cub at the circus. Now Tom must avoid the mama bear's wrath as he rescues his pal. But Jerry might be enjoying the perks of circus life.

Butch and Meathead don't want to miss a marathon of their favorite show so they make a deal with Tom to trade TV time for a treasure map. Tom and Jerry don't know the map is a fake.

Hildie sends Tom and Jerry into the woods to find a baby dragon who they befriend. When Hildie tells them she plans on making a special baby dragon dinner, Tom and Jerry work together to save him.

Rick and Ginger are looking after their niece for the weekend. Spike is put in charge of keeping the kid safe, but when Tom and Jerry wreak havoc, Spike's babysitting gig is quite possibly his last!

When Hildie and Beatie believe their things have been stolen they create Bog, the Cottage Beast. The new addition makes Tom and Jerry fight one another, so now the two must work together against Bog.

A pesky fly gets between Jerry and his cheese-feast. Jerry tries to share some of the cheese, but this fly wants it all and will do anything to have it, including shutting Jerry out of the house.

Feeling bad for giving Tom's precious blanket to Badwill, Jerry's determined to get it back. Unfortunately, retrieving gifted items from Badwill is not easy.

Lil' Quacker spends the night over at Jerry's place. Jerry's working double time to keep the duck safe from Tom. When Tyke wants Jerry and Lil' Quacker to sleepover in the doghouse, Spike relents.

Tuffy and Tyke head out on their own during a trip to the snowy mountains. Now Tom, Spike and Jerry are on a mission to rescue the little ones. But it's Jerry, Tom and Spike who will need rescuing.

When Tom finds Butch having a bath upstairs, he gives him the boot. Unfortunately, a ring around tub isn't the only thing the alley cat's left behind because now the house is infested with fleas.

Trouble ensues when Tom is separated from his own shadow. When Tom's shadow becomes a total nuisance to both Tom and Jerry, they must team up to shed some light on the problem!

Jerry leads an accident-prone scouting troop, earning badges and creating mayhem for Tom.

Rick takes up painting to help him relax, but despite warnings to stay out of his studio, Tom and Jerry inadvertently destroy his first painting. Now they must reproduce it before he returns home.

The witch sisters wrongly accuse Tom of stealing their nuts and send him out to gather more. When Tom steals a supply of nuts from a flying squirrel, he finds himself under attack from the rodent.

Tom has an afternoon rendezvous with Toodles that goes awry when mouse-obsessed Toodles catches a glimpse of Tuffy and Jerry. Despite Tom's best efforts to get Toodles to focus on him, she won't.

Tom chases Jerry into a room full of enchanted bottles. When Jerry tries to hide in one, he inadvertently releases a mischievous thousand year-old genie who grants Jerry three wishes.

A mockingbird relentlessly mocks Tom and Jerry and the insults really fly when the eggs hatch and the baby mockingbirds taunt the cat too. Time for these birds to fly the coop!

Tom and Jerry get into a garden-growing contest that turns out badly for Tom.

A young house-sitter ruins Tom's plans to rule the roost while Rick and Ginger are away. The house-sitter turns on Tom and Jerry, so the cat and mouse must work together to defeat the house-sitter!

Tom is stranded on a deserted island. It's only other living inhabitant is Jerry. Let the survival of the fittest begin!

Tom goes to the Wicked Forest to cure his hiccups by Jerry giving him a fright. But it's not Jerry who rids Tom of his hiccups, but something completely unexpected from deep within the Wicked Forest!

After a rough cat and mouse, Jerry quits. Tom is stunned as he watches his friend storm off to his hole, pack up his belongings and leave.

Hildie and Beatie bring home a magic ogre's tooth, and they warn Tom and Jerry not to touch it. But when the witches leave, they accidentally both touch the tooth and find out it has great powers.

After accidentally locking Tom and Jerry in the garage, Rick says he's finished organising the garage for the yard sale. Cat and mouse do battle using every available yard tool to survive each other.

Hildie asks Tom to identify her secret admirer. Tom's search starts at the Enchanted Flower Shop where he encounters some frightful arrangements. In the end, the gift-giver turns out to be Newt!

Rick installs a high tech home automation system, but when he leaves the house Tom and Jerry try using it against each other. Eventually the house kicks their butts and Rick has to take control.

After being knocked out in a fight with Jerry, Tom wakes up as a kung-fu master. Now Jerry, Tuffy and Spike must reverse the curse or they'll live the rest of their lives getting Tom-Fu'd.

A salesman sells Tom a collection of mousetraps, tricks and schemes, which Tom uses to make numerous attempts to dish out a world of hurt to Jerry. But he only succeeds in hurting himself.

Tom is working in the basement of a manor house, and the butler asks him to catch a mouse that lives upstairs. But nothing can be out of place - a challenge after Jerry overhears the conversation.

Tom and Jerry can't sleep because a dog is barking somewhere in the city. The cat and mouse are helped by a bat to locate the yapping dog, but the dog can't sleep without her pillow.

Butch is allowed in the house after he's injured, and Tom has to care for him! Jerry is happy until he realises that two idiot cats are more trouble than one. How do they return Butch to the alley?

Hildie is mixing a batch of foot balm that'll soften and beautify her gnarly-looking feet. She has Tom rub it in. Unfortunately, the foot balm is a little too strong and makes her foot disappear.

It's Tom's wedding day! He's getting married to Toodles in a backyard wedding we're experiencing thru the eyes of his best friend, Jerry. Purfect in every way, then everything falls apart.

Rick and Ginger arrive in their new home, only to see Jerry dancing around on the floorboards. Ginger screams, Rick gets Tom out of the removal van, and we see the origins of a lifelong relationship!

Tyke gets a splinter in his paw. Since Tom has been charged with watching him while Spike naps, Tom tries to remove the splinter before Spike wakes. When Jerry helps out, the pain really begins!

Uncle Pecos sings the tale of a cat who meets a painful end chasing a superior opponent. Tom wants to prove the song is not about him, but his ego shows he is the subject of the cautionary tale.

Jerry overhears Rick and Ginger talk about getting rid of that "useless cat." Jerry imagines life in the house with a killer cat and does whatever he can to make sure Tom stays. If Tom will let him!

While using a wand to make inanimate objects come to life to attack Jerry, Tom accidentally zaps a marionette. The cat and mouse have more on their hands than either one of them can handle!

Tom has a terrible case of amnesia and a lot of injuries. Jerry must help Tom use the investigative clues on his body to discover what happened. And the cure may hurt more than the ailment.

Spike realises it's time to stop eating T-bone steaks, and orders Tom to hide the meat treats. Which is no good for Tom: Spike is angry if Tom caves in to his demands and even angrier if he doesn't!

The Dance Competition is coming up and Toodles' dance partner has gone missing! Butch and Tom go toe-to-toe for the honour of being the replacement. But when Tom nabs the spot, he disappears, too!

Franky Two-Face, the rat, has taken over Jerry's home, and is causing problems for Tom. Franky Two-Face knows every trick in the book, except the one Tom and Jerry use to get rid of this dirty rat.

Jerry decides he needs a safer home. But what begins with Jerry securing his house from Tom, turns into an arms race where they build booby-trapped bunkers to protect themselves from each other.

Spike hasn't been the best role model for his boy when it comes to being a good sport. That's why Spike recruits Tom and Jerry to help teach the little guy how to lose gracefully.

Tom is injured while he and Jerry are investigating a case, and he's sent to hospital. But a detective is never off the case and Tom suspects the answer to their case is right under his broken nose.

Tom's being unusually difficult when he's rocked by an epiphany - he's losing his hair! Paranoid he's going to become a hairless cat, Tom will do anything Jerry tells him to do in order to regrow it.

When a little cat and mouse ends poorly for Tom, he has to wear the cone of shame. Unable to remove it or adapt to the giant plastic funnel on his head, Tom must find meaning in his suffering.

Little Quacker asks Tom and Jerry to find a bird he has fallen in love with. Tom and Jerry - with only a feather to go on - find the bird and reunite the two lovebirds who fly off into the sunset.

With a flick of Hildie's wand, Tom becomes a doting cat. Jerry loves the change at first, but he soon tires of the touchy-feely feline. Now Jerry has to sneak Hildie's wand to reverse the spell!

Rick's got a procedure that requires him to not eat or drink for 12 hours. So he says that no one can eat. Jerry and Spike have a stockpile, but Tom must go hungry. It's going to be a long night!

When Tom again ends up on the losing end of a little cat-and-mouse, Butch sends in Meathead to deal with Jerry. Surprisingly, Meathead has no trouble catching the little mouse.

The disappearance of household items have included sightings of a cute kitten. Tom and Jerry's investigation reveals a litter of kitten con artists who use the stolen items to form a makeshift home.

Tom chases Jerry into the museum where the guard dog, Rocky, takes his job very seriously. Jerry has fun watching Tom run for his life, until he realises Rocky hates mice as much as he hates cats.

Jerry gets a cold and Uncle Pecos mixes him a Texas tonic. The mouse is breathing fire within minutes and when Tom catches the same cold and gets a dose of the brew, it's an all-out flame war!

When Rick uploads a video of Tom becoming stuck in Jerry's mouse hole, Tom is the laughing stock of the feline community. Now, Tom must catch Jerry and capture it all on video. Easier said than done!

Tuffy's school for mice is on a field trip to learn about force and motion. They end up at Tom's house where Tom bears the brunt of the schooling until he gets a little tutoring himself.

Waffles is worried that his roommate Bo had his brain eaten by aliens, leaving him a zombie dog. But the dog's behaviour has more to do with a bag of kibbled beans than visitors from another planet.

Wanting to cool off from the blistering heat, Tom and Jerry use a little magic to make it snow, accidentally creating an evil snowman. Now they have to figure out how to make it stop snowing.

When a hare loses to a tortoise in the biggest race of the year, he comes to Tom and Jerry claiming foul play. It's up to the duo to see what's really behind the most famous race in history.

Butch finds a wishbone and dupes Tom into believing it will make his wishes come true, trading the bone for cat food. But Tom's wishes start coming true and now Butch wants that wishbone!

An overflowing trash bin filled with crumpled paper can mean only one thing, Tom is writing a novel. It's a mystery novel. Tom soon realizes his book is playing out in real life.

Tom and Butch both set out to win Toodles affection while Jerry plays Cyrano to Winston to help him get over his nerves.

Tom breaks the fish bowl as he tries to touch a forbidden piranha and Jerry casts a spell so the fish can breathe on land. Now the fish walks on its tail, making life more complicated for Jerry.