After pillaging a monastery, Yosemite Sam attempts to outwit an enlightened Bugs Bunny to receive the treasure of a lifetime.

After pillaging a monastery, Yosemite Sam attempts to outwit an enlightened Bugs Bunny to receive the treasure of a lifetime.

Squeaks finds himself up against a small group of ninjas. Bugs has to come to the rescue.

Yosemite Sam hopes to make a quick escape from a bank heist, and is surprised to discover Bugs as his getaway driver.

Bugs finds himself off the beaten path with Bigfoot when they realise some hazmat suit-wearing hunters are pursuing them. Bugs must do everything he can to protect Bigfoot.

Sir Littlechin the Kinight is on a quest to capture a dragon, but not if Bugs has anything to do with it.

Wile E. Coyote attempts to show Bugs the future of yard maintenance, with limited results.

Bigfoot pops in for an unexpected visit, and Bugs decides it's high time Bigfoot learned a few things regarding etiquette.

Yosemite escapes from jail only to discover he is woefully uninformed regarding banking in the twenty-first century. He elicits Bugs' help.

Squeaks has misplaced his acorns beneath the pitcher's mound of a recently built baseball stadium. Bugs offers his assistance in retrieving them.

Bugs and Squeaks head to the African Savannah to visit Squeaks' cousin, but first they have to outsmart the very hungry King of the Jungle, Thes.

Bugs is excited for a day of fun in the sun, but The Winter Stag shows up, delivering Winter long before it's due. Bugs intervenes.

Squeaks has a last minute card game at Bugs' house. Bugs is thrilled, until con-artist Shifty shows up to ruin the fun.

Yosemite Sam needs a belt, so he robs a men's clothing store. Bugs appears to save the day!

Bugs comes face to face with Jack the Dog Trainer. It's up to him to rescue a pack of dogs.

A boy bird named Boyd tries to win back his girlfriend through midnight serenade. A desperate-for-sleep Bugs realizes the only way to get him to stop is to help.

Bugs is looking forward to a day of kite flying, but first he must make it out his front door when he's stuck inside with a gratuity-wanting delivery snail.

Bugs wakes up to discover his teeth missing. He must go head to head with an ornery tooth fairy to get them back.

Bugs and Wile compete in a garden grow off! It's nature versus SCIENCE! May the best man win!

Bugs trusty GPS gets him lost in a cornfield, where a very scatterbrained Scarecrow desperately tries to do his job.

Jack decides to take up nature painting only to bring chaos to the forest. Bugs confronts him and mayhem ensues.

Bugs accidentally intercepts a top secret bag intended for a secret agent. Now a spy is hot on Bugs' tail! It's a matter of national security!

After a run-in with Bugs, Yosemite Sam's cell phone gets scratched. He decides it's time to upgrade, but little does he know that Bugs is there to help.

Bugs and Squeaks stumble across a potion called Grow Fastums in the woods. Squeaks disregards Bugs warnings and takes the potion as his own, wreaking havoc throughout the forest.

A robotic rule enforcer has been placed in the local park and is spoiling everyone's fun. Bugs takes it upon himself to enforce some rules of his own.

Bugs attempts the path less traveled, and finds himself in yet another stand-off between the Hazmats and Bigfoot.

The Grim Rabbit takes a vacation only to discover Bugs is there, too. Despite his wife's ultimatum of "No Smiting," the Grim Rabbit is set on trying to mix business with pleasure.

A entitled little girl named Pampreen takes all of Bugs carrots for her prize pony Puddin. Bugs and Squeaks go on a mission to get them back.

ALL MUSICAL - Bugs and a Snowman fight over who should get the carrot. No dialogue.

Bugs and Wile get skunked. Who has the better way to recover from such a smelly situation? It's nature versus SCIENCE! May the best man win!

A Ghost visits Bugs and battles him for his bedsheet.

Bugs allows his house to get so dirty a giant Dust Bunny forms. When Bugs decides the house isn't big enough for the two of them, a battle ensues.

A computer virus invades Bugs' computer. Bugs goes inside the mainframe to fight him.

Bugs mistakes the makeshift oil field of thieving oil tycoon Ivana for the Burning Man Festival. As she tries to make off with the oil, Bugs spoils all her fun.

Grim is after Bugs again. A chase ensues including power water and a lottery ticket

A terminator robot is sent to destroy Bugs. None of Bugs usual gags work. Michigan Frog is the mastermind

Slugsworthy bullies everyone at a waterpark. Bugs and squeaks fight for their rights. 

Nit-picky foodie Vera the Vulture wants to eat rabbit, and will stop at nothing to get her chance.

An angry beaver has declared the lake BEAVERS ONLY and none of the animals can swim…including Bugs

Squeaks accidentally stumbles into Wile's secret laboratory, and Bugs must come to the rescue.

Yosemite demands Bugs help in deciphering a treasure map and finding the gold that'll make him rich, rich rich!

Bugs demands Taz's participation in their yearly Prank Week, and before you know it, they're off to the ruses.

Bugs relentlessly torments a TV survivalist trying to film a TV show.

Its halloween and Impkin the pumpkin king shows up to cause mischief.

Leslie invites bugs to join their golf game in hope of an easy win and a silver jacket.

Bugs is roped into working at a fast food place. Bugs gets the best of the abusive owner.

Sir Littlechin is on a quest to capture a griffin, but not if Bugs has anything to do with it.

Clovenhoof takes Bugs jumping through time. Bugs just wants to get home. They pick up a T-Rex on the way.

Bugs is late for his flight and he encounters Porky at every step along the airport check-in process.

Dr. Clovenhoof creates a cloning device and various odd clones of Bugs

Bugs and Squeaks are bullied by a professional ice skater while trying to skate for fun on the lake.

Bugs takes on a scoutmaster who is bullying his scout troop.

Two trolls try to capture Bugs to serve their boss for dinner.

Bugs gets the best of Leslie and his million dollar fountain when Leslie tries to make points with his boss

Bugs is coned into yoga classes. He runs a muck in class and gets the best of the teacher.

Sam and Bugs go on an Indiana Jones type adventure in some ancient ruins

Wile has created a fully automated house. When the power goes out, Wile is helpless and Bugs lends a hand

Porky is a Guber Driver trying to get bugs to his party on time. Nothing goes well during the trip. 

Squeaks wishes Bugs was small so he learns what its like to be short. The wish comes true.

King Thes keeps trying to eat Squeaks while they are all flying on a plane.

Bugs and Squeaks have to compete in a series of challenges so the Beaver will put them on a totem pole.

Bugs awakens with a terrible case of cotton mouth. Will he be able to quench his thirst?

Shifty tries to con Bugs and Squeaks at carnival games. Bugs wins in the end.

Squint Eatswood tries to bully his way into being Mayor of the Forest, so Bugs has no choice but to run against him.

Shameless O'Scanty wants Bugs lucky rabbit foot but Bugs is too attached to it to give it up.

Bigfoot mistakes Squeaks as Bugs' new cat, and goes to every effort to return him to his rightful place.

Bugs and Yosemite Sam attend a rodeo only to have their sidleine shenanigans force them into the ring.

Slugsworthy build a new mega-mansion right over Bugs home, so Bugs battles back for the right to his turf.

Wile has invented a machine that runs purely on walnut oil -- squeaks main foot source!

Bugs pops out of his hole to discover he is surrounded by a handful of adversaries.

Squeaks milks it for all its worth when Wile thinks that he has gravely injured squeaks

Sir Littlechin pursues a wish-granting unicorn, but fortunately Bugs and Squeaks are there to run interference.

Bugs peace and tranquility is interrupted when Yosemite Sam mines his home for coal.

Bugs and Squeaks are gong on week three of being snowed-in when they discover the last bit of food in the house. Let the battle begin!

Bugs and Squeaks take a trip to the Grand Canyton, only to have their travels sidelined by a run in with the Barbarian.

The dim hunters believe bigfoot is a giant rabbit and hunt him. Bugs just wants to be left alone but keeps getting involved.

Bugs wants to be the first to ride a new mega-roller-coaster and finds himself lucky to be front and center….with Porky Pig.

Bugs attempts to help Dr. Clovenhoof become the Superhero he's always dreamed of becoming.

Bugs and Yosemite Sam fight over the last hot toy of the holiday season.

When Squeaks mistakes the Barbarian for Santa Claus, Bugs has to intervene in order to retrieve his Holiday Wish List.

Bugs slumber is interrupted when his ears decide it's time to go dancing.

Bugs and Squeaks square off as street musicians.

Bugs is tricked into Elmer Fudd's new Petting Zoo, but Bugs is quick to make his escape.

Bugs vacation to Hawaii is frozen over when The Winter Stag shows up with the same idea. Is the vacation of a lifetime hot or cold?

Bugs and Grim are trapped together in an observatory museum overnight. 

Bugs is overjoyed to find other rabbits living in the forest, but getting their acceptance proves more difficult than he thought.

Bugs discovers Bigfoot's fear of water and decides to teach him how to swim.

Bugs helps out a "loser" soccer team to beat the bullies of the other champion team.

It's moving day for Bugs, but he's surprised to discover the hired help is Porky Pig.

King Thes takes a trip to New York City to meet his subjects across the pond. When he bumps into Bugs, his royal plans go awry.

Elmer Fudd enlists Bugs' help as his mascot to help drum up business for his fledgling Ice Cream Truck.

Squeaks finds himself a home for a mighty flea named Angelo, and hopes his newfound pal will help him get respect from Bugs.

Bugs tablet has been stolen so he emlists the help of the authorities, namely Detective Porky Pig.

A new highway is being routed straight through the forest, and the construction foreman is none other than Yosemite Sam.

Porky Pig is charged with making a special delivery to a fancy hotel. When he sneaks a peek, he's surprised to discover Daffy Duck.

Bugs is mistaken as the new heir to the throne, much to the dismay of Leslie P. Lilylegs.

After pillaging a monastery, Yosemite Sam attempts to outwit an enlightened Bugs Bunny to receive the treasure of a lifetime.

Shameless O'Scanty, a conniving, cloud-riding leprechaun, runs out of luck while riding his rainbow over Bugs' forest. Now he needs to gather some luck or he'll never get home.

Bugs and Squeaks are enjoying a day in the park when the Grim Rabbit comes collecting. Bugs refuses to go without a fight...naturally.

Yosemite Sam hires a Bugs Bunny impersonator to cause mayhem around town. All goes according to plan...Bugs' plan, that is.

Bugs takes a trip to Washington, D.C., where he is mistaken for the "First Rabbit." Vice-President sees ridding the White House of Bugs as his opportunity to finally get the promotion he deserves.

A Barbarian and his trusty polar bear Krakos stake claim to the entire forest, including Bugs' home.