When Widget wakes up one morning, something feels different. The she realises: her body has gone missing in the night! Doesn't really matter, she tells the kids, it happens sometimes. It just gets a bit sleep-bored. This time though, it's joined a Northside wedding party, so Jan, Dean, Brainfreeze and Mutt help Widget's head find her body… before it accidentally gets her married to someone she's never met!

Widget wakes up one day to discover her body has wandered off in the night - bummer! Jan and Dean help her find it… before it accidentally gets her married to someone she's never met.

When Amphibia mistakes two visiting lazy Aussie sea lions for an endangered New Zealand species, the kids invent a translating app to uncover the truth of who they really are.

When Dr. Knutt accidentally mutates an infestation of termites, he decides to marry the queen and take over her army. The kids must stop the wedding… before Knutt becomes the main course!

When Mutt finds a car buried at the beach, he and Jan decide to repair it so that Jan can drive in the Volcano 500! But Dean suspects this is no ordinary car….

When Brainfreeze and Mutt convince the tikis to rise up against Dr. Knutt, the tikis get out of control fast. Jan and Dean must broker an agreement between the 2 parties.

When Mutt won't stop scratching, the cone he has to wear around his head picks up radio signals and he realises he has to save Monster Beach from the impending alien invasion!

When Lost Patrol finds himself in a turf war with Dr. Knutt and the Tikis, it's every monster for himself until they both got kicked off the beach. Maybe they can be friends after all?

When Dr. Knutt can't find the fun in doing bad things, drastic measures must be taken. Jan advises him to try doing some good deeds instead… but it may take some doing.

When Mutt becomes possessed by the smelliest dog ever, Jan and Dean must save the town from the stench, so they ask the only witch doctor they know, the evil Dr. Knutt.

When Brainfreeze accidentally destroys Mutt's garage, the best friends decide to move in together like the old days. But will their friendship - or their house - survive?

Brainfreeze accidentally conjures a genie but everyone on Monster Beach is too happy to have 3 wishes except the malcontent with no moral compass: Dr. Knutt.

Lost Patrol rescues Mutt from the stormy surf but Mutt doesn't think he needs it. The two of them have to fight this one out - on a surfboard in the middle of nowhere

Dr. Knutt's volcano is set to erupt - unless Dan and Jean can stop it! The monsters would help but the chance to surf hot lava down a volcano into the sea is too tempting.

Dr. Knutt tries to get friends by brewing a BFF potion instead of making effort like everyone does. The plan goes south and it is up to Jan and Dean to find an antidote to save everyone.

Widget and Brainfreeze find a treasure map and the entire town joins the search for it. They all have plans for what to do with their winnings but none can read a map.

When Icki Icki island wins the wildcard entry to the Euro So Talented contest, the monsters form a band, Monster Metal Doom Party. Their managers have their work cut out for them.

Nobody breaks the golden rule of Monster Beach: don't drop in except Dr. Knutt. So Dean and his AI surfboard Surflexa must teach Dr. Knutt a lesson.

Dean decides to make a scary monster movie with the cast of Monster Beach, but it's very hard to remember your creative vision when you're negotiating with literal monsters.

Jan is super excited about her chilled-out girls' movie night. That is, until the obnoxious Dr. Knutt crashes the party.

When Mutt, Lost Patrol and Brainfreeze adopt a lost tiki, they quickly realise they have very different parenting styles. Can a tiny tiki survive the battle of the monster dads?

Dean is abducted by a Captain Kelp with a penchant for boardgames and a hunger for souls. Jan and Amphibia must save him, which means… playing to win.

When Mutt is taken to the pound by the Animal Control Authority, Brainfreeze blames himself. But Dean and Jan know exactly what they have to do. Bust him out with a flawless plan.

When Mutt's resistance to Brainfreeze's full moon party coincides with an increase in werewolf sightings, Jan and Dean become suspicious. But the truth is even weirder.

When Dean and Brainfreeze lose their shorts in the sea, they quickly figure out the tikis are to blame. But how do you get your shorts back when you have no shorts? With great difficulty!

Micro Monsters: Dr Knutt is humiliated in an argument and vengefully shrinks everybody. Trouble is, he shrinks himself too, and the antidote is back at the lair. This could be a long walk.

WhenTeddles culls some of his extra stuff at the Monster Beach car boot sale, he loses his beloved teddy. Jan, Dean and Teddles must retrace their steps through the junk to find him.

When Madge and Headache's café gets a case of the spookies, Jan and Dean find themselves ghost busting their favourite hangout. .

Widget's hand becomes animated by an evil spirit intent on taking over Monster Beach. So how will Jan, Dean and the monsters take the hand in hand?

Stress Leave is even more stressed than usual, so Jan and Dean decide to get him a pet, because everybody knows pets stop people stressing out. Don't they?

When Butterfield and Dr Knutt team up to form a supervillain league to drive the monsters off the island, they find themselves up against not just the monsters, but each other.

Fan Service: Dr. Knutt is amazed when famous survivalist Rugged Roy falls from the sky, intending to trek across the island. Jan and Dean hide the monsters, but Knutt is Roy's biggest fan.

Dr. Knutt starts his own wrestling tournament and pits Jan and Dean against each other in the competition. Will Dean overcome his insecurity and will Dr. Knutt get that jacket he wants?

Butterfield wants to buy Monster Beach, so Jan and Dean decide they have to make Monster Beach a town and save it from takeover. But first, they need a mayor. May the best monster win.

A grumpy whale engaged in a battle of wills with Dr. Knutt causes havoc on Monster Beach. When it swallows Dr. Knutt and Dean, Jan and the other monsters must fight to free them.

Jan leads an all-girl volleyball team to take on Dr. Knutt in his very own personalised and very rigged volleyball tournament. He does not take this well.

Mutt decides to jump the infamous Devil's Crack, but after the death-defying jump he has a change of heart about how to live his life. Will Mutt ever return to his daredevil ways?

Someone breaks Madge's favourite mug in the diner and Dean and Jan need to figure out who dunnit - and everybody's a suspect.

Madge inherits a million dollars and promises to spend it on better food for the diner. What a triumph! Trouble is, they have to get her to the bank. She needs a monster makeover.

Lost Patrol's electrical settings are fritzed by electric eels and he goes from drill sergeant to happy hippy. The beach is chaos without him - how will they get him back?

The power goes out at Monster Beach, prompting Dean to design a renewable energy plan for the entire island. Trouble is, the whole of Monster Beach needs to help.

When Dr. Knutt accidentally performs a body switch with Jan, it's every megalomaniac overlord and human girl for him or herself - brothers and tikis beware!

When the monsters discover that Dean is playing a secret roleplay game with secret friends, they decide to join in, with terrifying results.

The murmurmen boyz have hit the shores of Monster Beach. They're a boyband of murmen trying to impress the murmurmaids - and drive everybody else to distraction.

When Butterfield finds monsters on the front nine at his prestigious golf course, he makes them a deal: if he can beat them on the terrifying back nine, they're off the course for good.

When everybody forgets Dr. Knutt's birthday, he bewitches the weather and Jan and Dean must right the wrong of the forgotten birthday or face a damp and stormy future.

The monsters find themselves starring in a Monster Beach safari designed to lure Butterfield's beloved tourists. But will they attract tourists, or scare them away for good?

When Mutt reveals his long association with a Scottish chap only he can see, everyone's sceptical. But when he walks into the café, they have to deal with a much more confronting reality.

Poor Brainfreeze is in a bad way ever since Dean called him "tofu brain", but don't worry, Madge has the answer: a brain food super shake! Trouble is, it works a little too well.