Axel and the team must intervene when Zoe's not-so-friendly bowling competition with Cleo LeBall gets interrupted by Madcap Porcupunk and their new cohort the mischievously magnetic Dynamo.

Axel and the team must intervene when Zoe's not-so-friendly bowling competition with Cleo LeBall gets interrupted by Madcap Porcupunk and their new cohort, the magnetic Dynamo.

Axel and the team juggle not waking Uncle Andrew from his nap and stopping Orangutank from stealing Andrew's latest invention: the Knockout Box!

Axel and the team battle Princess SugarSalt for possession of Bearbarian's hammer traded to her by one of their own - Galileo!

Axel and the team compete against themselves in tests of skill, strength and stamina, but when SloBot gets belittled he splits into three separate robots.

Axel and the team must rescue Sarge Charge from a solo mission in the backyard which Orangutank has turned into his own personal heart of darkness.

Axel discovers that the culprit behind Bobbie Blobby's missing mech-suit is Masko.

When Axel and the team try to figure out what Sarge Charge's secret weapon is they get ejected from the house by his newly upgraded security system.

With Axel's drone-wing broken the team must find another way to stop Madcap and his minions as they take to the skies in toy airplanes for an aerial assault on the city park.

Axel must team up with Bearbarian to stop Madcap from transforming Luka's stuffed bear collection into an invincible army.

Axel and the team take to the desert dunes of a playground sandbox as Madcap attempts to unearth an army of Spy Lizards from the same line as Galileo!

Axel ventures into his uncle's strictly off-limits basement lab in hopes of fixing a broken toy and ends up unleashing living ones instead.

Axel discovers that he can transform into a toy and teams up with his new team of toys to stop Madcap from stealing a Minergy battery.

Axel must wrangle Galileo and Bobbie to shut down a rogue thermostat - improperly upgraded by Slobot - as it plunges the house into extreme hot and cold zones.

Axel finds himself at the center of a disagreement between Sarge and Masko over what's more important in battle.

After a screening of the King Arthur tale, Axel holds out his sword and declares himself king.

Axel embraces the spirit of dodgeball to stop Madcap and Princess SugarSalt's battle over who is the better villain.

After months of training for Luchador Day Axel needs Masko to coach him against a pair of uninvited competitors - Madcap and Dynamo!

Axel must 'save' Bobbie Blobby after she defects to Madcap's team tempted by Porcupunk and his assertion that she belongs with the bad toys.

When Madcap and his minions crash a soapbox derby the team must stop the baddies and help Axel - stuck in a car with Luka - cross the finish line!

At a rummage sale with Uncle Andrew Axel and Zoe must stop Madcap from turning her long-lost tank toy Joyride into an agent of mayhem!

Axel and the team turn Galileo's camouflaging pranks around on him convincing the gullible gecko that he's permanently invisible - to disastrous results!

Bearbarian helps Axel get in touch with his wild side as Orangutank liberates nature from an apartment building.

Zoe builds her own battle suit in hopes of joining Axel's team. The only problem? She can't shrink!

Zoe leaves Axel in charge of the school project - watching over an infant simulator doll - but MadCap brings the doll to life.

Uncle Andrew warns Axel that his vintage Agent Danger action figure is off-limits only to have the toy escape on its own!

Madcap's latest creation puts the whole city in a deep freeze forcing Axel and the team to face him in a game of high-stakes hockey or risk slip-sliding into another ice age!

After a new combo-move leaves Masko permanently limp Axel and the team must help the fallen luchador get his stretch back.

When Axel opens a subscription gift-box he didn't even order the team finds their ranks divided by a robotic bear - or Princess SugarSalt in disguise!

Madcap turns to Axel and his team for help after a sonic upgrade to Porcupunk threatens to bring down the house.

Masko takes Axel's call for more discipline too seriously and loses sight of his own identity in the process.

Axel must help Sarge and Bobbie learn to walk in each other's shoes - literally - after Luka unwittingly switches the toys' heads!

Axel must help Bearbarian overcome his secret fear of the dark to stop Dynamo from stealing his ride.

Axel juggles looking after Luka and defending the house from Dr. Nautilus's latest abomination a tentacle monster that attacks from every drain pipe and faucet in the building!

As Zoe preps Cleo LeBall's birthday party, Axel and the team run damage control against a jealous crasher.

Axel and Bobbie Blobby skip out on Sarge's disaster-prep drills leaving enough of a gap in the team's defenses for a crow to swoop in and snatch Sarge!

After a Porcupunk sighting Axel leads a recon mission that slowly but surely proves to be a wild goose chase devised by Sarge.

Princess SugarSalt dupes Axel into hanging out with Cleo LeBall and usurps his role as team leader forcing Zoe to step in and keep the toys together.

Axel and the team must run damage control after a loose spark of Minergy accidentally turns Zoe's old toys - a set of cute squishy kittens - into a pack of snarling beasts.

Axel has to clean up the living room in time for his uncle's dinner party but trying to do too much at once leaves him stuck as a toy.

Axel and his team find themselves in a tough position after Ice Crusher makes it too cold for them to fight back at full speed.

Tired of Axel and the team taking him for granted Masko tries to get kidnapped and ends up stuck to Dynamo who's less than enthused with his rubbery new sidekick.

Axel and his toys deploy the Joyride in a ship to ship battle against Dr. Nautilus who has punctured a water main to flood the sewers and established himself as Admiral Nautilus.

On Halloween Axel gets too caught up in the scares and loses track of the fun - just in time for an infiltration by the worst trick 'r' treater of all Madcap!

Axel and the team find themselves bested by Madcap when the baddie uses their digital devices to track their every move in combat forcing our heroes to act unpredictably.

Claiming he's good at heart, Dynamo convinces Axel and the team to help him find a battery that can power his centrifuge and free him from Madtrap's control.

When Axel and the team accuse Galileo of stealing their possessions the lizard must hunt down the true culprit - a mysterious creature behind the wall - to prove his innocence.

Madcap and Princess SugarSalt trap Axel and the team inside a Minergy-powered labyrinth that attacks them with their greatest fears.

Axel Galileo and Sarge get Minergy-transported by Madcap into the pages of Axel's favorite comic book the hero of which turns out not to be so cool after all.

When a toothache sends Axel to the dentist the team must fight off Princess SugarSalt who confuses Axel's new crown for the real thing.

When Uncle Andrew is interviewed about his toy inventing, an envious Galileo stages a play in the park with the help of the team only to be interrupted by an envious Madcap.

During a brutal heatwave Axel and his team must track down Thermometron 9000, stolen by Ice Crusher.